Property Condition Report Lexia

Are you a property manager in Lexia? Conducting condition reports are a mandatory part of leasing out a home, WA Building Inspections conduct comprehensive condition reports to ensure that you know the exact condition of the property before leasing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WA Building Inspections

    1. Comprehensive and Detailed Inspection Services.  
      We don’t cut corners in our inspections and we spend the time across the entire property to look for all defects and problems.
    2. A Detailed Easy to Understand Report
      Our reports are organised and full of photographs to quickly explain our findings.
    3. We are Fast
      We are easy to book, fast to book in and we prepare our reports immediately after inspection to get them to you.
    4. We are exceptional Value
      We are consistently told by our clients that the quality of our service, reports and work is exceptionally clear, easy to understand and exceptional value for money.
    5. An Eye for Detail in All Areas
      I have a keen eye for detail and identifying flaws and poor workmanship in all types of buildings from my 20 plus years in the building industry.

Professional PCRs makes sure that your Lexia property receive comprehensive and unbiased property condition reports. We can write reports prior to tenants moving in and after they move out, as well as carry out inspections for the duration. They can also be used as a reference of property history when selling an investment property. Our full-service PCR services include.

Our point of difference is in the reporting style, we offer inline photos as well as PDF’s with integrated audio video content for your records, to ensure you not only get the report, but a full feel for the property inspected.

Our full-service PCR services include:

  • High quality photography of all rooms;
  • Customised report templates, including preferred file type; formatting; company logo, and any other information required;
  • Inventory reports for furnished properties, including photos;
  • Detailed written descriptions, with digital and hard copies provided if needed;
  • Fast turnaround time – we can work to your deadlines.

    There are some other important tests and inspections that you should have conducted before you move or move someone into your Lexia home.

    Other Inspections that we offer:

    Our unique approach to the way we perform inspections allows for helpful content such as methods of repair and even trade recommendations, we flag potential issues that may also arise inside a 12 month time line, we provide links to our cloud where you can download inspection images, 360 degree interactive images and even video content around your inspection, we supply a detailed clear and easy to understand reporting.

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