Building Construction Inspections Perth

Building Construction Inspections Perth, also known as a Stage Inspections (or construction progress inspection) compares the work at each stage of the new house build with the design and engineering plans. By completing inspections during each stage of construction, issues and defects can be identified and resolved before it becomes too late and potentially costly.

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What is Included in Each Stage Inspection?

Stage Inspections
Stage 1 - Pre Slab Inspection

Pre Slab Inspection or Pre Pour Slab Inspection Perth occurs prior to the concrete being poured to create the base.

Often this stage is skipped and we are engaged to perform a slab inspection.

Here’s what we inspect:

  • Condition of the ground and foundation.
  • Installation of any necessary prelay drainage systems.
  • Level and preparedness of the soil.
  • Proper installation of concrete formwork.
  • Proper installation of any reinforcing steel in line with customer-supplied engineering.
  • Proper installation of all plumbing, electrical or air conditioning installations.
  • Compliance with all building codes and standards regarding mesh installation.
  • Proper compliance with setbacks and separation of adjoining foundations (if applicable).
  • Ensuring the integrity of any installed membrane.
  • Cheing wet are setdowns if applicable.
  • Ensuring adequate steel cover is prepared to avoid non-compliance offsets.
  • Ensuring termite collars have been installed in line with AS3660 and the relevant NCC.

In the case of a multi-storey construction, this pre-slab inspection process is repeated for each level prior to the concrete being poured to make sure each one is up to par and ready for the next stage of construction and often includes additional steel checks relevant to suspended slabs.

Stage 2 - Slab Inspection

In Stage 2, we have the slab inspection where we make sure that the dried concrete is of the right quality, chemical properties and if the slab has the correct dimensions.

Here’s what we inspect:

  • The grade of concrete to be sighted via slump tests is still on site.
  • Dimensions of the slab (Customer-supplied slab layout needed).
  • Layout (wet area locations and plumbing inlets).
  • Ensure concrete is cured and ready for brick load.
  • Absence of cracks or categorise cracks sighted.
  • Ensuring slab edge treatments have been carried out.
  • Footings and pier footings.
  • Full check to ensure slab and brick coursing heights are in relationship.
  • Checking for an overall level slab.
  • Categorisation of slab cracking concerning allowable Australian Standards.
  • Ensuring pre-lays are in and not compromised.
Stage 3 – Plate Height Inspection

A Plate Height Inspection, also known as the Brick Stage Inspection applies to brickwork, steel frame, timber frame or any combination of brick and other framing materials.


Here is what we inspect:

  • Compliance with Australian Standard AS3700 Masonry Structures. and/or AS 4773.1 and .2
  • Compliance with Australian Standard for  AS3660 Termite Management.
  • Mortar quality and allowable bed and perp joints
  • Brick bearing and allowances for load preparation.
  • Lintel bearing where visible to ensure sufficient bearing is achieved
  • Lintel setbacks, orientation and fixings to columns and piers as engineered.
  • Correct installation of wire ties, strapping, and weep holes relevant to NCC, AS3700, AS4773 and AS3660.
  • General workmanship issues such as faulty or damaged bricks, brick alignment, defective door and window frame installation.
  • Flashing above windows and required cavity brickwork to ensure proper discharge of water.
  • Plumbness and level of wall installation.
  • Step deviations in brickwork.
  • Compliance with alternative construction styles that may differ from bricks (e.g. timber or steel frame inspections are inspected to include the relevant applicable standards in place of brickwork standards)
Stage 4 – Frame Inspection

Frame Inspection or a Roof Frame Stage Inspection takes place in order to prepare the home for roof cover.

Here’s what we Inspect:

  • Roof frames are assessed using AS1684 (Steel frame roof members are assessed under the relevant Australian Standards)
    • Subfloors and timber stud homes adopt more checks in addition to the following:
    • Compliance with the latest plans and specifications.
    • Appropriate wall placement.
    • Ensuring correct top-plate installation and timber sizing.
    • Ensuring steel lintel installation is compliant with engineering fit for bracing off.
    • Trim assessment for compliance.
    • Joists assessment for compliance.
    • Hanger beam assessment for compliance.
    • Assessment of rafter installation and compliance check with intersecting timbers.
    • Struct and fan strut assessment and compliance check in addition to over-spanning checks.
    • Underpurlin assessment for compliance.
    • Ridge beam assessment for compliance.
    • Collar tie installation assessment for compliance.
    • hip and valley strutting assessment for compliance.
    • Complaint fixings between members and straps.
Stage 5 – Lockup Inspection

Lockup Inspection which often includes a Waterproofing inspection takes place as the building nears its final stages. This Inspection focuses on preparing the home for final finishings and to ensure the home will perform once finishing items are installed.

This stage of the building construction inspections Perth assesses prep quality and ensure the builder is following the building guidelines.

Here’s what we inspect:

Stage 6 – Practical Completion Inspection

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) takes place prior to the turnover of keys to the purchaser and is the most important of all inspections. This Inspection focuses on minor defects and ensures the quality of the construction by the builder.

Here’s what we inspect:

    • Quality of finish to render, brickwork or cladding.
    • Roof cover, ridge caps, valleys, flashings, roof plumbing and connections.
    • Windows, fly screens, taps, fixtures and lintels.
    • Balconies, garages, paving, fencing and alfresco areas.
    • Internal flooring.
    • Walls.
    • Ceilings.
    • Electrical outlets.
    • Cabinets and drawers.
    • Bench tops, towel rails and fixings.
    • Sinks and taps.
    • Door furniture.
    • Showers and leak tests on showers.
    • Skirtings and handrails.
    • Robes and internals.
    • General workmanship.
    • Appliances.
    • Overall construction quality.
    • Following strict Guidelines and Tolerances in auditing the home in line with Australian Standards and Guides to Standards and Tolerances 2019 as set out by the Building Commission /DMIRS.
  • Specific items included in a Practical Completion Inspection may vary depending on the scope of the project and council regulations.

Detailed Report with Photos

  • Following our Building Construction Inspections Perth, our independent building inspector perth issue a detailed stage report for each stage that you request along with images relevant to stage we inspect. Our reports are customised for your property and will not be a standard report, after all how can it be?
  • Each stage is treated independently as a separate report generated, this staged approach to construction inspections can save a huge amount of money and force builders to comply with NCC or National Construction Codes of Australia and put pressure on the builder to deliver a product fit for a paying and deserving customer. The small investment into Building Construction Inspections Perth always returns a higher quality build which in turn saves you tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance down the track.
  • Building Construction Inspections Perth are intended to identify bad workmanship as well as errors in the NCC application to the build, it is NOT an opportunity to pick on the builder, and if the builder is doing the right thing (we all hope they will) the report may come back with a set of images stating that inspection was carried out in a satisfactory manner, giving you ultimate peace of mind.
Sophie FalkSophie Falk
03:44 08 Mar 24
Dean was fantastic thank you
Erle FranklinErle Franklin
09:26 07 Mar 24
Russell was friendly and a good communicator. Very efficient and I felt confident about what he was doing
Rajshekhar WagheRajshekhar Waghe
09:14 01 Mar 24
I would recommend WA building inspections as really liked their service. Russell was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He provided me with a detailed report that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the property, as well as any potential issues or risks and also clarified my smallest of the small queries & doubts. I was very impressed by his service and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced inspector.
Jonathan SILASJonathan SILAS
03:51 29 Feb 24
Luke G was simply amazing! He was professional, friendly and knowledgeable!!They even had a drone service down to check roofing.Highly highly recommended!!!
Simon TomizziSimon Tomizzi
00:24 27 Feb 24
Luke was fantastic. Very assertive and thorough with his assessment and picked up a number of items which weren’t picked up by the builder. Thank you!
15:55 26 Feb 24
Excellent job!
Jonah AviaJonah Avia
04:24 16 Feb 24
Extremely helpful, highly recommend Dean from WA buildings and pest inspection. Very friendly and thorough, highly recommend.
Jackie HoogerboordJackie Hoogerboord
01:14 16 Feb 24
Highly recommend them! Did a very thorough pre purchase building and pest inspection with lots of photos. Were also easy to contact and happy to answer any questions regarding the inspection.
John NewtonJohn Newton
12:40 19 Jan 24
I found WA Building Inspections Perth very helpful. They responded quickly to my request, provided a competitive price, did a detailed report and then discussed the report with me for a lengthy period. Russel did my inspection and he could not have been more helpful in explaining the report and recommending opportunities to address findings. I would definitely go back to WA Building Inspections Perth and Russel for advice and future building inspections.
Michael CarmellottiMichael Carmellotti
22:32 14 Jan 24
Russell’s pre-purchase report was exactly what we needed for peace of mind. He was thorough and detailed, outlining what he could and couldn’t achieve, with action plans recommended where needed! We were unsure about some wording or recommendations but Russell answered our calls and explained these perfectly and the suggested way forward. 100% worth the price, especially if you need that peace of mind at the end.
Linda ReynoldsLinda Reynolds
09:54 11 Jan 24
We needed a building inspection done quickly for the purchase of our new home. WA Building Inspections Perth were very helpful and accommodating, we got our report in a timely manner. It was comprehensive and clear covering everything we needed to know. When I had a follow up question they responded quickly and were happy to give the additional advice required. I would recommend them to anyone needing an inspection done.
Lucas la GrangeLucas la Grange
09:43 04 Jan 24
Had a dilapidation report done by many companies but none as good and as detailed as this company- thank you for such a detailed building inspection.
Puri GauravPuri Gaurav
08:52 03 Jan 24
Very Honest and Professional Conduct, they value their customer even if they are aware most customers may need this service probably once or twice in a lifetime for buying a property.
Khushwant SinghKhushwant Singh
00:44 19 Dec 23
Russell did inspection for my new property on 16th of December. he brush up my knowledge. I was not familiar with many things . I inspection was great . I think every one need to do inspection before buying any property. Russell help a lot in my house inspection.
Mena MegalaaMena Megalaa
15:28 05 Dec 23
Very thorough inspection conducted by Russell. Picked heaps of defects in our roof and compiled a very detailed report about everything done wrong. He clearly explained the problems against the Australian Construction standards and code. I'd highly recommend WA Building Inspections to anyone in doubt of their house construction or before purchasing an established property. We're very lucky to have such a professional service. Worth every dollar paid.Thanks Russell & Sarah.
Rose CraneRose Crane
23:57 20 Sep 23
We would highly recommend. Our experience was prompt, very professional & reassuring. The report was detailed and the best aspect was that we were able to call Russell, whohad done the inspection and report, for clarification on a couple of aspects. Russell was generous with his time and highlyknowledgeable. Thank you 😊
Michael HowardMichael Howard
03:57 14 Sep 23
Very professional and knowledgable inspection
puneet singhpuneet singh
10:34 06 Sep 23
I had a fantastic experience with Russell recently with a pre-purchase inspection. Being interstate and purchasing was always hoing to be diffivult.I was very impressed with Russell's knowledge, patience and pride in his work. Russell took the time after working hours on the day that the report was completed to have an in depth discussion about the detail on the report. I came out of the discussion feeling a lot more confident.Russell is easy to talk to and knows how to explain complex issues in layman's terms. Can't recommend highly enough!
09:18 28 Aug 23
Best decision I made. Russell is an absolute legend. Answered all my questions, explained everything beautifully, patient, and most importantly - had my back when dealing with the builders. I had to go through 2 PCIs with the builders, finally on the 3rd did they fix all the issues. If it wasn't for Russell's knowledge and advice, I never would've gotten my house in the acceptable condition it is now. Shout out to Sarah as well for booking in my final last minute inspection, due to builders messing me around. Top shelf service and fair priced.Marina
Anna MAnna M
02:19 24 Aug 23
Would highly recommend.Russell helped identify a few issues with the property. He was super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.Thank you Russell
Lorraine SmithLorraine Smith
00:45 21 Aug 23
Russell gave us genuine customer service and nothing was too much trouble. The inspection was thorough and it was obvious he had a very good knowledge of building issues and Australian building standards. We felt comfortable in asking questions and were given the information that we needed. Russell was very generous with his time and we would happily engage him again.
Brian ElmerBrian Elmer
11:14 09 Aug 23
Engaged WA Building Inspections to undertake our building inspection - being based in Qld and not being able to see the house, we needed a thorough report. Very happy with the speed of conducting the inspection and getting the report to us, and the price. Had a few follow up questions that Russell was able to answer for us. Would definitely use again
Erin DraperErin Draper
04:38 09 Aug 23
I called Russell for a last minute building & pest inspection and although he was very busy, he still managed to squeeze us in. He completed a very detailed report, which both our broker and conveyancer made comments on how impressed they were with how through he was, which is a huge compliment to him and his service! I called Russell after reading the report with a couple of questions, which he took 15 minutes to explain to me everything I asked and more. He is very professional and knowledgeable, and moving forward I would only ever use his service. Sarah his admin team is also very lovely to deal with and responsive, they both made the whole process so easy! Huge compliments to them both. Highly recommend!! And very well priced.
Chevy RChevy R
03:14 03 Aug 23
Online booking, answered all my calls and emails, easy to deal with. Called Russell after looking through the report just to go over things, great guy and really knowledgeable. Will definitely deal with him in the future
Herman “Big H”Herman “Big H”
23:31 26 Jul 23
I recently had the pleasure of using WA Building and Pest Inspections for a property I was interested in purchasing, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their services. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations and provided me with a comprehensive and detailed report that gave me peace of mind.First and foremost, the team at WA Building and Pest Inspections were incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They arrived promptly at the scheduled time and conducted a thorough inspection of the property, leaving no stone unturned. Their attention to detail was exceptional, and they took the time to explain their findings to me in a way that was easy to understand.The report I received from WA Building and Pest Inspections was nothing short of impressive. It was clear, concise, and provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision about the property. The report included detailed descriptions of any issues found, accompanied by photographs for reference. Additionally, they provided recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance, which was incredibly helpful.What truly set WA Building and Pest Inspections apart was their commitment to customer service. They were always available to answer any questions I had, both before and after the inspection. Their friendly and approachable manner made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. They genuinely cared about my satisfaction and went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information I needed.Furthermore, the pricing for their services was very reasonable, especially considering the level of expertise and thoroughness they provided. They offered great value for money and I felt that I received a high-quality service at a fair price. I included thermal imaging and electrical inspection for fullpeace of mind.Overall, I cannot recommend WA Building and Pest Inspections enough. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them stand out in the industry. If you are in need of a building and pest inspection, look no further. WA Building and Pest Inspections will provide you with a top-notch service that will leave you feeling confident in your property purchase.
16:19 17 Jul 23
We had a fantastic experience with Russell recently with a pre-purchase inspection. My husband and I are first home buyers and have very little first hand experience with building issues and we were absolutely blown away by Russell's knowledge, patience and pride in his work. Russell took the time after working hours on the day that the report was completed to have an in depth discussion about the detail on the report. We came out of the discussion feeling a lot more confident in our understanding of level of work required with the property. Russell is easy to talk to and knows how to explain complex issues in layman's terms. Can't recommend highly enough!
Thomas dThomas d
06:26 17 Jul 23
We had extensive water damage to our home. Russel quickly came out and took the time to explain the damage and the repairs required.I would definitely recommend Russel.
Oscar AlarconOscar Alarcon
02:54 08 Jul 23
Russell McCarthy was able to fit us in very last minute despite already being booked out. We had a strict contract deadline and the outcome of his review was going to determine the success or failure of our property purchase. The fact that he went over and above to help us despite being hotly in demand demonstrates his humility and strong passion to help others which goes beyond just doing his job. He is highly rated and the best in his field yet is down to earth and genuinely kind. I will only use him going forward and recommend others do the same. A property purchase is a big financial decision and not worth risking by going to anyone other than Russell.
10:46 01 May 23
The whole process was seamless and easy from start to finish. WA BIP liaise with the agents to organise inspections and the report provided is thorough. The inspection was organised at short notice and the report was provided within a few days.The inspector (Russell in our case) took the time to explain his findings in a manner even a dummy like me can understand!I appreciated the way Russell and the team made the whole thing easy and would recommend them to anyone on the fence about who to use. Thanks!
Sandie BancroftSandie Bancroft
08:02 22 Mar 23
Thankyou so much to Dean Hewitt for his prompt & thorough PCI inspection of my property following extensive renovations complete during '22/'23.Dean's professionalism is second- to-none & his comprehensive, concise, detailed & unbiased report has now been forwarded to my builder to make good some areas identified in my report, particularly with the roof which I am unable to climb & check out for myself.I was also able to speak with Dean one evening, out of hours, who explained my report in detail in language that I could comprehend.A huge "Thankyou " to everyone @ WA Building & Pest Inspections for your outstanding customer service.
Jon JonJon Jon
03:52 18 Mar 23
I couldn't refer WA Building Inspections Perth enough, just get them! all the way through so pleasure to work with, Sarah, Bill and Russell... Full on honesty, good old trades that hard to find these days!Russell even took almost an hour during Saturday explain to us on all... all our enquiriesss ...They have 5stars for a reasons, well informed, patients with us, what an ease dealing with them. No hesitation to refer them and hire them again..!
Natalie Di RisioNatalie Di Risio
08:46 13 Jan 23
I would highly recommend WA Building and Inspections, as Russell is fantastic! A building defect was reported and Russell has provided ongoing consultation and guidance on dealing with this matter. What a champion! 🙂
Aimee DunlopAimee Dunlop
11:10 30 Dec 22
We have used WA Building Inspections Perth twice and both times have received top customer service before and after the report was issued. Russell was more than accomodating with his time and answered all questions we presented thoroughly. Would recommend 100%
India HootonIndia Hooton
03:26 10 Oct 22
Russel has great knowledge and was super helpful for our pre-purchase house inspection. Definitely recommend, was thorough and very detailed. Thanks again!!
03:17 28 Sep 22
Russell carried out the PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) for our first property (in Willetton) on Wednesday the 21st of September 2022. He conducted the inspection very professionally. He arrived well in advance at the property. So, when we went to meet him at the site he was already halfway through the inspection.After he had finished inspecting the home he discussed, both with us and with the Builder appointed Site Supervisor, about the various aspects of the inspection in plain & clear terms. The discussion was a learning experience for us (the clients) as we learnt some essential things about building structures.Inspection Report was detailed, specific and clear. Also, his T&Cs are acceptably good. Last but not least, his service is reasonably priced and is affordable. If asked I will definitely recommend him to my friends and I am confident they will thank me for recommending Russell & WA Building Inspections.
terri abrahamsonterri abrahamson
11:15 07 Aug 22
I highly recommend Russell . I chose him because of all his positive reviews and that paid off as he was so thorough and found many defects.. every dollar spent was worth it as I would have never picked up many of those faults myself and I’m extremely grateful . I also found the company was very accommodating in scheduling my inspection at short notice.
Salvatore GagliotiSalvatore Gaglioti
20:33 22 Apr 22
I received at all times detailed and professional service from Russell and Bill.My report was very comprehensive.I personally would use WA building inspections again.Very thoughtful and easy to correspond with.Ta.
Te Ate WalkerTe Ate Walker
02:29 04 Apr 22
Russell from WA building inspectors was an absolute legend. very thorough and helped identify a few issues with the property. Very friendly and easy to talk to with a ton of Knowledge and advice as well. The detailed Report was available to next day. highly Recommend Russell
10:47 11 Jan 22
Russell provided us with a very detailed report when reinspecting some roof work at a property we were buying. He explained everything very thoroughly and has a great knowledge of the building industry. We were in a very difficult situation and Russell went above and beyond to help us. I highly recommend Russell and will only use WA Building Inspections in the future.
Tina FordeTina Forde
08:10 11 Dec 21
With only a limited time gap, and several other companies unable to meet the terms of contract, I tried WA Building Inspections. From the moment I could book online within 24hrs, to the very professional and prompt service from Russell, it has been a very simple process. We received a comprehensive 27 page report for a combined building and Pest report, for a awesome cost. I couldn't recommend Russell and his services more highly. Thank you so much for making this so easy for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform same-day Building Construction Inspections Perth?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

Yes. Our entire business model is focused on getting you the highest quality, detailed Building Construction Inspections Perth reports within 24 hours. That’s the WA Building Inspections Perth difference.

Why do I need a Building Construction Inspections Perth?

Why You Should Have an Inspection on a New Home

Building Construction Inspections Perth save you a huge amount of money and headache in the long-term because they force builders to comply with Australian Standard construction framework and put pressure on the builder to deliver a product fit for a paying and deserving customer.

Without Building Construction Inspections Perth, you will most definitely be left with a house build with hidden problems that could cost a fortune to resolve in the future.

Since 2000, poor workmanship has reared its ugly head through non-compliant waterproofing in new builds. 70% of homes built since 2000 now have some sort of waterproofing failure. Our stage 3 stage inspection includes a waterproofing inspection to ensure this does not happen to you.

What do you include in the report?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

Whether you need a building inspections Mandurah or any WA building inspections Perth, we document our findings, defects and commentary in plain-english. Our Building Construction Inspections Perth also include comprehensive and full photo reports.

If your report finds defects, can I withdraw from the purchase contract?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

All Building Construction Inspections Perth are in accordance with Australian Standards which means they are recognised by solicitors and real estate agents. The evidence or proof which is enclosed in our reports can be used by you and your solicitor to assess whether the contract has certain conditions to enable you to rescind the contract.

Our independent building inspectors perth are on-hand to assist you if you need guidance or a detailed explanation of the defects uncovered.

How much does a Building Construction Inspections Perth cost?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

Based on 4×2 home, a Building Construction Inspections Perth costs $379 Including GST for each stage you would like us to inspect. Remember, we have a price beat guarantee for all building inspections perth costs!

Do I need to have an inspection for all 4 stages?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

No. Although highly recommended for all 4 stages for your peace of mind and to save you money in the long run, you can choose exactly which stages you would like us to inspect and report on.

Is it cheaper to request more than 1 stage inspection at once?

Building Construction Inspections Perth

Yes! Contact us with which stages you would like us to inspect at, and we provide you a discounted rate when combining multiple Building Construction Inspections Perth.

Recent Defects Uncovered

Other Building Inspections 73 Building Construction Inspections Perth

Defects and Liability Report

Our defects and liability report ensures the builder is liable for any defects uncovered. The builder is liable to remediate defects (at no cost to the client) uncovered during an inspection.

building inspection perth

Independent PCI Inspection Perth

A Practical Completion Inspection Perth also known as (PCI inspection perth) or handover inspection Perth is an inspection of the building work done on your new home just prior to you taking possession of your property from the builder. 67 Building Construction Inspections Perth

Dilapidation and Comparison Report

Dilapidation reports capture the visible structural condition of a property prior to nearby or neighbouring renovation works, construction or excavation being carried out.

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