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Are you about to buy a home?


Are you in URGENT need of a Building Inspector?

Needing a comprehensive home and pest inspection that won't break the bank?

Need an experienced and qualified Pest and Building Inspector who can offer more than just concise reports? Such as remediation’s, maintenance, project management and more?

You have just made probably the biggest investment of your life, your settlement date is fast approaching, and you need to get your contract obligations in line immediately, they generally include a Building and Pest Inspection.

You need an Inspector that is capable and qualified, and you need it done FAST, and without costing an arm and a leg.

Look no further..

Wa Building Inspections offer all of your building inspection needs and can also offer extensions to this service such as remediation or maintenance plans and even assist in putting you in contact with the rights trades or profesional services should the need arise.

The reports we compile, are not only easy to read and understand, but are compiled in such a way that any major safety or strucutral defect take priority over minor more maintenance related defects, all defects are photographed and the images included in the report.

We don't just stop at Pre Purchase Building Inspections and Pest Inspections, we also offer drug/meth testing, with the rapid rise in Perth WA of meth consumption, this invisible hazard should be taken seriously, we are fully certified to test and even decontaminate against methamphetamine should this be needed to ensure a safe and happy home.

WA Building Inspections are competitively priced on all services saving you money, but more importantly potentially saving you thousands on an inferior build or unforeseen maintenance items that our team will pick up on.

Whether you're a new home buyer, existing home owner or Investor, we promise to deliver an in-depth report with a view to saving you time, money and heartache for years to come.

OUR GUARANTEE is that you will receive an in depth report with photos and a detailed description and itemisation of the property, we even provide advice on how to fix any items we uncover, and if needed, we can even provide maintenance services to remedy defects or put you in touch with qualified, trusted trades happy to help.

All inspections are in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4349.0-2007 for compliance, but we ensure you receive value like no other inspector can offer. Our approach is extremely detailed, making use of smart technology for your reference such as 3D Orbit High Digital Cameras, that can put you on site in that room or space with us should this be something that will bring peace of mind.

We have extensive experience in the construction industry and hold the relevant local construction qaulificfations and are Degree qualified, compliant with Western Australia’s Building Inspection Regulations as outlined in the Australian Standards 4349 and boast years of experience.

All said and done, you need an inspector who understands and who has been around for a while, and who cares - That’s Us..

We only use the latest Technology

There are some things the human just eye cannot detect.

WA Building Inspections use precise moisture detection units to capture and evaluate the levels of moisture within just about any surface, utilising smart technology can assist detecting areas of concern, through walls, plasterboard, tiles, flooring, timber (including roof timber) and even ceilings.

Just some of the instruments used include:
moisture meter

So how are we so well priced?
How do we manage to keep our prices so low?
Is there a catch?

Unlike just about every other company, we do not have fixed office locations, and the reason for that is to keep our expenses down for our customers benefit.

We do not have large amounts of staff, nor do we have large overheads that contribute to the running costs of the company, and ultimately passed on to the customer, therefore we can be selective and personal in our approach, the person who takes the call, will most likely be the same person who does the inspection, and the same person to shake your hand when the deal is done, for this reason we are not a volume driven business.

All for you!

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