Uncovering the Hidden Dangers: Russell McCarthy’s Channel 9 Interview
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  • Early Intervention Saves Costs: Address small issues promptly to avoid substantial repair expenses down the road.

  • Annual Inspections Are a Must: Just like health check-ups, regular home inspections offer peace of mind and early issue detection.

  • Consult the Experts: Seek professional advice when problems arise to prevent DIY attempts that could worsen the situation and affect insurance coverage.

The Cost of Neglecting Home Maintenance

Russell McCarthy, a renowned expert from WA Building Inspections Perth, recently shared invaluable insights during an exclusive interview with Channel 9 news Perth. He highlighted the ever-increasing costs of home maintenance and the challenges homeowners face in finding available trades on short notice. Russell McCarthy emphasised the significance of catching problems early, asserting that doing so can save both time and money. Let’s have a look at this illuminating discussion.



The Significance of Small Signs

“Small damage to your property is relatively insignificant to repair, whereas left unchecked, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remediate.”

Russell McCarthy underscored the importance of paying attention to even the most minor signs of damage in your home. While these issues may seem inconsequential initially, their unchecked progression can lead to substantial problems and significant financial burdens.



The Importance of Regular Inspections

“Getting annual building and pest inspections is important. We do it with our health, we do it with vehicles—there’s no difference when it comes to arguably the most expensive thing you’re going to purchase, which is a house.”

McCarthy compared home maintenance to regular health check-ups and vehicle inspections, emphasising the need for annual building and pest inspections. He highlighted that such inspections help identify issues early, ultimately saving homeowners time, money & providing peace of mind.



Identifying Common Signs of Structural Damage

“It could be as simple as jamming up doors or difficult-to-open windows. Cracking can also be a sign, but it’s not necessarily what the crack is doing; it’s what it’s speaking to potentially.”

Russell McCarthy detailed common signs that may indicate more significant structural issues, such as jamming doors, difficult-to-open windows & cracking. He emphasised the importance of not just acknowledging the signs but also understanding what they could reveal about the overall state of the property.



Seeking Professional Assistance

“You can look at a crack, and it’s not necessarily what the crack is doing, but what it’s speaking to. You wouldn’t want to be doing plumbing on your own; it’s a licensed trade for a reason.”

McCarthy strongly recommended consulting professional building inspectors in Perth when issues are identified. Whether it’s a crack in the walls or plumbing problems, he underlined the significance of hiring qualified experts who can accurately diagnose issues and provide actionable plans for resolution.



A Call to Action

Russell McCarthy’s wisdom, as captured in this channel 9 interview  emphasises the importance of proactive home maintenance. Small signs should not be ignored, and annual inspections are a vital aspect of responsible homeownership. By addressing issues promptly, homeowners can save themselves from more substantial problems and the financial strain that may come with them.

To wrap up, Russell’s insights serve as a powerful reminder of the crucial role early issue detection plays in preserving the long-term health and value of our homes.




1. How often should I get a professional home inspection?

Annual building inspections are recommended to catch potential issues early. However, the frequency may vary depending on your specific circumstances.


2. What are some other common signs of structural damage to look out for?

Look for signs like sagging ceilings, uneven floors, and water leaks, which can all indicate structural problems.


3. Is it advisable to get multiple opinions when addressing home issues?

This depends on the severity of the problem. For more serious or major defects, seeking multiple professional opinions can be a good practice, especially for significant or costly repairs, to make informed decisions.


4. How can I find a qualified building inspector in my area?

Google reviews are always the best place to find the best building inspector that specialises in catching out defects and is armed with a thermal camera to detect leaks etc. Look for certified and experienced inspectors with a good reputation in your region.


5. Can home insurance cover structural damage repair costs?

The coverage for structural damage may vary depending on your insurance policy. It’s essential to review your policy and discuss potential claims with your insurance provider.