Expert Insights on Laying New Flooring Over Old Tiles
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  • Preparation is Paramount: Ensure that existing tiles are level, securely attached, and free from damage. Use a high-quality underlay to provide stability, moisture protection, and noise insulation.
  • Choose Appropriate Flooring: Different types of flooring such as floorboards, hybrid flooring, carpet, vinyl planks, and laminate require specific preparations when being installed over old tiles. Choose the right type based on room use and desired maintenance levels.

I’m Russell McCarthy from WA Building Inspections Perth. With my extensive experience in building inspections, I’ve encountered numerous homeowners puzzled by the possibilities and limitations of renovating with existing materials. A common question that comes up is, “Can you install new flooring over old tiles?” It’s a topic surrounded by quite a bit of misunderstanding, largely due to outdated advice or incomplete knowledge from various sources. I’ll clarify these issues and help you understand how to successfully implement this in your renovation projects. I also take an in-depth look specifically at laying tiles over existing tiles, where I answer the very common question “can you tile over tiles?” and laying tiles over gyprock.



Can You Put Floorboards Over Tiles?


Absolutely, laying floorboards over existing tiles is a viable option and one I often recommend. The success of this installation largely depends on the condition of the underlying tiles—they need to be level, securely attached, and free from any major damage. “Always use a high-quality underlay,” I advise, “as it not only smooths out imperfections but also provides essential moisture protection and noise insulation.” This preparation helps ensure your new wood flooring is both beautiful and durable.



Can You Lay Hybrid Flooring Over Tiles?

Hybrid flooring is a fantastic choice for installation over tiles due to its robustness and aesthetic flexibility. “Hybrid flooring blends the best features of laminate and vinyl, making it ideal for bridging small gaps and leveling out surface irregularities,” I often tell clients. Its thickness and durability make it suitable for high-traffic areas in your home.



Can You Carpet Over Tiles?

Carpeting is another excellent way to transform a room with old tiles. “The key to carpeting over tiles is ensuring the base is perfectly level and clean,” I recommend. Using a thick underlay will not only help to even out any tile unevenness but also provide a comfortable, insulated feel underfoot.



Vinyl and Laminate Options


Can You Lay Vinyl Planks Over Tiles?

Vinyl planks are increasingly popular due to their ease of installation and range of styles. “For vinyl planks to work over tiles, the existing flooring must be flat and free from debris,” I explain. This flooring type is forgiving but requires careful preparation to avoid issues down the line.


Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Tile?

Similarly, laminate can be successfully installed over tiles if the surface is properly prepared. “It’s crucial to fill any deep grout lines with leveling compound to achieve a smooth base for the laminate,” I advise. This ensures stability and longevity for your new flooring.



Tiling Over Special Surfaces


Can You Tile Over Glass Splashback?

Tiling over a glass splashback is tricky but achievable with the right approach. “Special adhesives are needed for this kind of job to ensure the new tiles adhere properly,” I note. Accurate preparation is crucial to prevent future issues. This is similiar to tiling over gyprock.


Can You Epoxy Over Tile?

Epoxy over tile can provide a durable and attractive finish. “Ensure the existing tile surface is clean and slightly etched so the epoxy can adhere properly,” I suggest. This method can rejuvenate an old tiled floor with a glossy, resistant finish.


Each of these flooring options offers a unique set of benefits and challenges. By carefully preparing and choosing the right materials, you can effectively lay new flooring over old tiles, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. If you’re considering a renovation project and need more specific advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at WA Building Inspections Perth. We’re here to guide you to the best outcomes for your renovation needs.