Mould Inspection Perth Unveils Roof Inspection Shockers
russell from wa building inspections perth
  • Russell’s Inspection Findings: Non-compliant roofing and extensive mould were key issues uncovered in Southern River, Perth.
  • Compliance with Standards Matters: Adhering to AS3500 standards during construction and inspection is vital for effective water drainage and preventing structural damage in Perth homes.

  • Be Proactive Against Mould: Due to Perth’s climate, being proactive in mould detection and remediation is key to maintaining a healthy living environment.

Hi, I’m Russell McCarthy from WA Building Inspections Perth, and I recently had an eye-opening experience during a routine roof and mould inspection Perth in a new home construction in Southern River, Perth. This stage inspection not only highlighted significant issues in roof construction but also shed light on the often-overlooked dangers of mould, particularly in the Perth area. Let me walk you through my findings and share why regular mould and roof inspections are critical for every new home being built in Perth.



The Startling Discovery in Southern River

As I approached this new construction for the final inspection (which includes a roof inspection) of this new home bring built, little did I know I was about to uncover a series of issues that are all too common in our bustling city. “So the leak is down that area over there,” was my initial observation, pointing to what seemed like a minor flaw. But as I dug deeper, the situation unfolded into something much more concerning.


Roof Inspection Perth: A Tale of Negligence

The property’s roof, a crucial element in any Perth home, was not up to standard. “A box gutter needs to be 600mm wide, 150mm high, already that’s going to be a problem,” I noted, highlighting a significant oversight in the roof’s design. This kind of neglect can lead to severe water damage, especially during Perth’s rainy season; which in fact it has in this house as you’ll see in the video.


Mould Inspection Perth: Uncovering Hidden Health Risks

In the hidden corners of the house, I discovered extensive mould growth. “You’ve got a lot of mould, a lot of mapping as mentioned, all of this needs to be repaired,” were my thoughts on finding the mould. In Perth, where the climate can be damp, mould inspection is not just a matter of structural integrity but also of health and safety. 



The Importance of Compliance in Roof and Mould Inspection

One of the most glaring issues I found was the non-compliance with Australian building standards for gutters and specifically the  maximum distance allowed between downpipes to allow sufficient water drainage, instead of overflowing the gutters and causing water ingress into the home, like what has happened here. “the AS3500 Australian standards are quite specific, every 12m you require a downpipe.” I commented, as I counted over 14m of guttering with only 1 downpipe. This non-compliance is a significant concern in Perth and especially in this home becuase it was the direct cause of the water ingress into the home and the mould which was subsequently caused. Strict adherence to standards is essential for ensuring the safety and longevity of homes.


Roof and Mould Inspection Perth: A Crucial Service

This experience in Southern River was a stark reminder of the importance of regular, thorough roof and mould inspections in Perth. As a professional in this field, I can’t stress enough how vital these inspections are. They are not just about maintaining your home; they’re about protecting your family’s health and ensuring your property’s compliance with the highest standards.



My Final Say

Were this new home owner were to skip this final inspection on this new build, it would have soon become there problem instead of the builders problem. As a resident of Perth and a professional in roof and mould inspections, I urge every homeowner to take these issues seriously. Whether it’s a new construction or an established home, regular inspections by qualified professionals like those at WA Building Inspections Perth can make all the difference in ensuring a safe, healthy living environment. Remember, what you don’t see can hurt you, and in Perth, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.




What should an inspector look for during a roof inspection in Perth?

During a roof inspection in Perth, it’s crucial that your building inspector check for proper installation of gutters, compliance with box gutter dimensions, and adherence to the AS3500 standards. They should look for signs of leaks, inadequate downpipe spacing, and potential water damage.


How often should I schedule a mould inspection in Perth homes?

In Perth’s climate, it’s advisable to schedule a mould inspection at least once a year or more frequently if you notice signs of mould growth or have experienced water damage recently.


What are the AS3500 standards, and why are they important for roof inspections in Perth?

AS3500 refers to the Australian standards for plumbing and drainage. These standards are crucial in ensuring proper water discharge from roofs, preventing leaks and water damage, which are common issues in Perth homes.


Can a roof inspection in Perth detect potential mould issues?

Yes, a thorough roof inspection in Perth can identify conditions conducive to mould growth, such as leaks or poor ventilation, prompting a more detailed mould inspection if necessary.


What are the consequences of non-compliance with AS3500 in new Perth constructions?

Non-compliance with AS3500 in new constructions in Perth can lead to serious issues like inadequate stormwater drainage, increased risk of flooding, and potential structural damage, making compliance checks essential during roof inspections.


What specific challenges does mould inspection in Perth homes face?

Mould inspection in Perth homes often deals with challenges like identifying hidden mould in hard-to-reach areas and addressing mould growth exacerbated by Perth’s climate, which can be damp and conducive to mould.


Are there specific requirements for downpipes in Perth homes according to AS3500?

Yes, AS3500 specifies requirements for downpipes, including their spacing and size, to ensure effective drainage. For example, the standards clearly state that a downpiple is required for every 12m of guttering. These standards are particularly important in Perth to prevent water accumulation and potential roof damage.


How can I prepare my Perth home for a roof inspection to check for mould risks?

To prepare for a roof inspection in Perth, ensure clear access to all areas of the roof, clean gutters and downpipes, and remove any debris that might obscure potential problem areas.