Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspections

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All Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspections are done in a fair and non-biased fashion. We are providing an objective assessment of the home and a detailed report of any faults so they can be attended to for the betterment of the building. It is for this reason that we offer our services to both the home buyer and the seller, for complete peace of mind.

It is vital that when investing in one of the most important purchases you will make, that the appropriate time is taken to ensure you are investing in a home that is sound of any structural risks, not to mention hidden or unseen risks that may come back to bite you later. As such, a CPBI or (Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building Inspection) is designed to save you money.

A Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection is the highest level of building inspection that can offered in accordance to Australian guidelines set out under AS 4349.1–2007. This covers all items offered in the basic structural Pre Purchase Building Inspection, in addition to items within the interior of the building as well as detailed items in the roof space of your home.

An additional fee of $60 will apply to houses with a granny flat. Further fees may also apply if the house has more than 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. 

If you book a Pool Safety Inspection at the same time, the cost will be reduced to $49. Take advantage of this special offer if you are at all unsure about the barriers surrounding the pool.

The Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection makes use of a metric to compare the home being inspected to homes built in a similar method and of a similar age. As older home tend to have more issues present themselves during the Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection, we issue a detailed building report outlining room for room, area for area that has been inspected along with images and even video content. Our reports are customised for your property and will not be a standard report, after all how can it be? A home is completely unique and as such, should be treated that way.