Do I Need a Building Inspection?

What does a building and pest inspection cover?

WA Building Inspections Perth have been covered by the RAC. Our lead independent building inspector Perth and owner of WA Building Inspections uncovered data so damning to the Perth building and construction industry, that the RAC pulled Russell into their offices and interviewed him for the real low-down on Perth’s current state of construction.

The truth shocked the RAC interviewers so much, that they released a Press Release dedicated to Russell’s information.

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In this RAC interview and press release, the RAC were shocked to hear about the current state of building and construction in Perth. The article goes on to comment:

Russell McCarthy from WA Building Inspections says he has inspected homes with major structural faults that have rendered them so unsafe they have been condemned.”

With more questions from the RAC interviewer, came more jaw dropping moments. Russell said:

“I always tell people don’t put in an offer that’s just subject to a building and pest inspection. They should always say it’s subject to a building inspection, pest inspection and due diligence, because that gives them the opportunity to get out of it if they need to. It says, ‘my contract is affected by what I see and what I see is subject to my own independent interpretation’.”

 The RAC interviewer went on to comment that this definitely was not general knowledge by most if not all of their customers.

Russell mentioned some very specific factors impacting Perth properties:

“Homes built in and around Perth before the 1980s that were built on limestone blocks face issues such as undulating flooring and termite damage. They can have moisture that stays under the home from weather events, known as ponding. Whereas homes built on concrete slabs have other issues that arise when you don’t have the benefits of a suspended floor.”

You can read the full RAC press release here.

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