Builders Site Report

Builders Site Report

Builders Site Reports are rarely offered as a third party service, as they require the knowhow of a builder in WA with extensive experience in WA Construction. Generally, these reports would be prepared by the site supervisor to determine the site condition prior to earthworks being quoted, and just before construction starts.


Fortunately for us, we have that requisite experience, with over 360 slab downs and many years of working for many renowned construction companies. We have the required experience in this area to produce quality reports, we can even organise the trades from construction to brick load, enabeling your supervisors to focus on the build.


We complete the report, set up the site survey, fence or temp fence (if applicable), fence removal, retaining wallls, prelays, eartchworks, brick buildups, backfills and concrete to site – We keep a live tracking form online for you refer back to at any time should you want to know exactly where you job is at.


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