Dodgy Builders in Perth: Unveiling the Nightmarish Reality
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  • Be Vigilant in Builder Selection: Thoroughly research builders, check reviews, and ask for references to avoid falling victim to dodgy construction practices.

  • Know Your Rights: Familiarise yourself with consumer protection laws and building regulations to hold builders accountable for substandard work.

  • Prioritise Due Diligence: Homeowners should actively participate in the construction process, ensuring quality checks at each stage to prevent issues later

Dodgy builders in Perth have become a growing concern for homeowners, leaving them in distress and financial turmoil. In this article, we will delve into the deceptive tactics employed by some builders, as revealed in a shocking video inspection in Alkimos Perth today, from our lead building inspector Russell McCarthy.



The Builder’s Motivation

Builders often rush customers into the Property Completion Inspection (PCI) to expedite stage payments or finalise the account. As Russell Mccarthy, an experienced inspector, points out, “Builders will quite often tell customers the property’s ready, it’s ready for PCI, come have a look, have your first inspection.” This urgency can lead to subpar workmanship and incomplete projects, leaving homeowners in a state of despair; that is, if you’re not aware of these dirty tactics. lucky for you, we’re here to uncover dodgy builders in Perth and show you how they operate.



Unacceptable Conditions

The video inspection, conducted by Russell Mccarthy, exposes the appalling state of a property claimed to be ready for PCI. In his words, “the tactics that some of these guys are using are just unacceptable.” The absence of a garage door, missing splash grates, and widespread damage are just the tip of the iceberg. These revelations point to a lack of professionalism and a blatant disregard for quality.



Exterior Nightmares

Walking around the property, we discover a myriad of issues. As Mccarthy emphasises, “Without digging deep, let’s have a quick look.” From holes in the walls to poorly executed painting jobs and evidence of historic bush damage on eavesheets, the builder’s negligence is evident. The absence of weep holes, improper grading, and numerous defects showcase a building far from compliant standards.



Interior Chaos

Entering the house, the situation does not improve. Mccarthy notes, “No striker, no door seals, no phased plates, damage to the door furniture, inconsistent gaps,” raising concerns about security and quality. Incomplete painting works, hammer dents, and the absence of light fixtures contribute to the overall sense of unfinished business.



Kitchen Catastrophe

The kitchen, a focal point of any home, reveals its own set of horrors. As Mccarthy points out, “I tested the hot plate, it doesn’t work.” Caulking left undone, a malfunctioning hot plate, and a sink in deplorable condition suggest a rushed and careless construction process. This is not the dream home the homeowners envisioned.



Bathroom Blunders

Moving to the bathroom, the issues persist. Mccarthy highlights, “Look at the quality of this wall. Look at this. Look at this, don’t think that I don’t know that they’ve only painted one coat.” Non-existent doors, incomplete tiling, and poor waterproofing showcase the builder’s lack of attention to detail.



Homeowner Heartbreak

The emotional toll on the homeowners is palpable. As Mccarthy states, “This is a brand new house. This is something someone’s worked really, really hard for, and they should be excited to be here today. And they’ve left. They’ve left in tears.” The video underscores the reality that some builders prioritise profits over the dreams and hard work of their clients.



Legal Protections and Consumer Rights

Understanding your rights as a homeowner is crucial. As Mccarthy advises, “Consumers should familiarise themselves with contracts, regulations, and avenues for legal recourse.”



How to Safeguard Your Investment

Research, reviews, and due diligence are key in avoiding dodgy builders. Mccarthy suggests, “Asking for references, checking licenses, and staying informed about building regulations empower homeowners to make informed decisions and protect their investments.”



Our Final Say

The shocking video inspection, coupled with insights from Russell Mccarthy, serves as a stark reminder of the challenges homeowners face in navigating the construction industry. While not all builders engage in such practices, the need for vigilance and informed decision-making is paramount.




1. How common are issues with dodgy builders in Perth?

The Dodgy builders list in Perth is growing every day and are unfortunately not uncommon in Perth. Homeowners need to be cautious and thorough in their builder selection process.

2. What legal actions can homeowners take against substandard builders?

Homeowners have legal recourse through consumer protection laws. Consulting with a legal professional is advisable to explore available options.

3. How can homeowners protect themselves from unscrupulous builders?

Thorough research, checking references, and understanding building regulations are crucial steps to safeguard against dodgy builders.

4. Are all builders in Perth prone to such practices?

No, not all builders engage in unethical practices. Many reputable builders prioritise quality and customer satisfaction.

5. What should homeowners do if they encounter issues during the construction process?

Promptly document and report any issues to the builder and seek legal advice if problems persist.