Dodgy Perth Builders Uncovered: Lockup Inspection Exposes the Shocking Truth
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  • Lockup inspections are critical in a housing construction market that is full of dodgy builders.
  • lockup inspections that report defective elements force the builder to rectify at their cost, not yours.
  • lockup inspections in Perth that detect dodgy workmanship mean the builder has to fix these issues before you need to make the lockup payment.

    Why do you need a lockup inspection in Perth?


    Get ready to explore the unexpected as we take you behind the scenes of a recent lockup inspection on a new house build in Perth, Australia. The results are nothing short of astonishing, shedding light on crucial aspects of the construction process that deserve attention in Perth.

    Amidst the excitement, the homeowners were informed that their property had reached the lockup stage – a pivotal point in the construction journey. However, what was discovered by our lead building inspector Russell during this inspection was a far cry from the expected progress.

    Contrary to popular belief, the lockup stage entails more than just securing doors. It involves completing essential elements that are vital for the next phases. Unfortunately, this property fell short on multiple counts. The cleanliness of the site itself raised concerns, with unfinished bricks and debris scattered around.

    Missing doors & incomplete door furniture immediately caught the eye. Although external doors and windows were in place, the interior was far from ready. Wowzer!

    Plastering, jip rock & cornices were visible, but notable gaps persisted. Wet areas lacked proper screed, tiles were conspicuously absent & the critical waterproofing process hadn’t even begun. To add to the list, cabinets, an integral part of any home were nowhere to be seen.

    This is getting more and more common as we also saw in another shocking video that Russell captured during a recent PCI inspection in Alimons Perth recently.


    Do you need to make payment if the lockup inspection finds major defects?

    No. Considering the dodgy lack of progress, it’s astonishing that the builder requested a lockup payment. Not on our watch! Now the owner is armed with our lockup inspection report and does not need to make payment until the work is complete and defects rectified.

    This incident underscores precisely why lockup inspections Perth and stage inspections in perth are essential to ensure construction quality and adherence to standards. The property in question fell short of meeting the true criteria for a lockup stage, raising valid questions about the payment request.

    So, what lesson can be drawn from this experience? It’s a stark reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and not everything labeled as a milestone holds up to scrutiny. This house, claiming to be at the lockup stage, serves as a cautionary tale for prospective homeowners and the construction industry alike.

    The key takeaway is crystal clear: diligence and careful consideration are non-negotiable. As consumers, we must remain vigilant and informed, ensuring that our investments align with the promised quality and progress. Remember, a lockup stage should symbolise more than just closed doors; it should signify the successful completion of critical construction components.

    To wrap up, the case of this Perth house build exposes a lesson that transcends its location. Let it stand as a reminder that knowledge is power. As we navigate the exciting journey of homeownership, let us always seek transparency, integrity & a genuine lockup stage that truly secures our dreams.