What is a practical completion inspection?

A practical completion inspection (also known as a PCI or handover inspection) is an inspection of the building work done on your new house build just prior to you taking possession of your property from the builder. Check out the dodgy construciton workmanship we detected on a recent PCI inspection in Rockingham.

what is a practical completion inspection

A Practical completion inspection is best performed around two weeks weeks before handover, when the builder hands over the final building and keys.

A practical completion inspection performed by a skilled building inspector (preferably a builder themselves), gives you an opportunity to point out errors or poor workmanship that the builder needs to rectify before you take over the property. Doing this now generally saves you thousands (or worse) of dollars later down the track if you stumble upon building faults later.

It’s quite simple. All of our building inspectors are Real Registred builders by trade, so we know exactly what shortcuts builders tend to take and we have extensive knowledge and experience in detecting and reporting on poor workmanship.
  • All External/Outside Spaces– Paintwork, patio’s, balcony’s, plumbing, taps, flyscreens, brickwork, brick lentels, exterior walls, rendering.
  • All Internal  Spaces such as – Walls, Paintwork, inner walls, tiling, electricals, lighting, taps, plaster, slab, window and door installation, cabinetry, ceilings, cornices, doors, windos, floor coverings.
  • Roof Space– capping, flashings, gutters, facia, eaves, box gutters, ridge capping, downpipes.

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