IPLEX Plumbing Failure in Perth: How to Protect Yourself: A Smart Buyer’s Perspective
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1. Contract Clauses:

2. Exit Option:

  • Buyers can exit if IPLEX issues are found.
  • Avoids complications.

    In our mission to provide you with comprehensive guidance on safeguarding your investment when buying a house in Perth and Western Australia (WA), we’ve uncovered a remarkable strategy. Russell McCarthy, the owner and lead building inspector of “WA Building Inspections Perth,” highlights an ingenious approach that some savvy buyers are taking to protect themselves from the IPLEX pipe failure fiasco that has recently been in the news.

    In Russell McCarthy’s video, he explains the importance of diligence when it comes to property purchases due to this IPLEX pipe failure issue. While it’s common to include clauses in contracts for financing, building inspections, and pest inspections, there’s another consideration gaining prominence: IPLEX Plumbing.

    Here’s a glimpse into Russell’s insights:

    “We are very used to having our contract of sales be conditioned to finance, conditional to building and pest inspection, but there’s another one that I think we should start being a little bit smart about. Given the recent media attention around the IPLEX plumbing, it’s maybe saying subject to the assessment as to whether or not the property does or does not contain IPLEX Plumbing.”


    Russell emphasises the value of assessing whether a property contains IPLEX Plumbing. This proactive step can save you from potential issues down the line.

    “Just doing a job now, she’s put it on the contract subject to IPLEX Plumbing. We’re about to go and have a look if she does and find out if that holds any reasonable value.”


    Russell illustrates a real-world example from a recent building and pest inspection in Bull Creek where a buyer added a clause in their contract regarding IPLEX Plumbing.

    “I found a line now; let’s have a quick look. Boom, IPLEX Plumbing. What a smart move this customer has just been so smart in her conditions. She had it subject to IPLEX Plumbing or not having IPLEX plumbing pipelines. Given the fact that these pipes are notorious for bursting, there’s an extremely high amount of product failure around this. It’s in the media quite a fair bit.”


    Russell commends the buyer’s wise decision to include this specific condition.

    “Having jumped into the ceiling and found out that she does, in fact, have IPLEX Plumbing because she put it as a condition of her purchase, she can now exit this purchase altogether. That is absolutely brilliant work on her end because the IPLEX plumbing, there’s a lot of media attention around it. It’s not great.”


    Russell emphasises the importance of due diligence and the ease with which a buyer can exit a purchase if they discover IPLEX Plumbing.

    “So yeah, due diligence, due diligence, due diligence. Just a suggestion. I thought I’d make this video, maybe start chucking IPLEX Plumbing in there because there is a serious amount of damage that can be caused as a result of burst lines in your property, and it is extremely difficult to get trades, extremely difficult to get repaired. It’s just not worth it.”


    Russell underscores the critical role of due diligence and suggests considering the inclusion of “IPLEX Plumbing” in your contract and ensuring your building inspection also checks for IPLEX plumbing. With the potential for significant damage and repair challenges associated with burst IPLEX pipes, this proactive step could save you from future headaches.

    Our Final Say

    In the ever-evolving landscape of property purchases, it’s essential to stay informed and adapt your approach to mitigate risks effectively. Russell McCarthy’s insights offer a compelling case for adding “IPLEX Plumbing” as a conditional clause in your contract, providing an additional layer of protection when buying a house in WA.