Digital Home Inspections for Interstate Buyers and Buyers Agents
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Digital Home Inspections for Interstate Buyers and Buyers Agents

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Many interstate property buyers utilise the services of a buyers agent. If you are a buyers agent, simply let us know and we will cater our interstate home inspection Perth and report to your requirements.

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A digital home inspection is offered as a streaming video (via FaceTime or Zoom) via our building inspectors – usually for interstate buyers and/or buyers agents who can not physically be present. Our inspector performs a live walk through of the property with the buyer and/or buyers agent in constant communication for the entire inspection.

A digital home inspection perth includes additional measures and inclusions for interstate buyers and buyers agents:

1. Over 100 inspection images so you can become ultra aware of what is being inspected.
2. Digital Home Inspection: Live Digital Inspection: The inspection is usually offered as a streaming video (via FaceTime or Zoom), where buyers agents and buyers are taken on a tour through the house to explore each room via our building inspectors. 
3. Interstate customers also often require more than 1 debrief. Debriefs between your inspector and the buyers agent and also with the buyer are included
4. Providing remediation advise and sometimes even cost estimates is important with interstate buyers; local connections are vital.
5. Full access to our trades list and recommended suppliers.
6. Maintenance plans and build styles differ in Perth. Our expert inspectors (who are also builders) will let you know how to deal with Perth specific maintenance an as well as preventative measures to avoid cost blow outs down the line.
The biggest advantage of virtual inspections is that buyer agents and buyers can asl specific questions about the property in real time as the inspector performs the interstate property inspection Perth. We not only perform the inspection, but also take you around the house in real-time – effectively acting as a virtual open-house with our expert inspectors eyes on the lookout for defects or problems with the property. This extreme level of detail and transparency is sought after by interstate buyers – which is why buyers agents who utilise our virtual inspections are far more trusted and secure far more sales.

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