Are interstate building inspections different?
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Are interstate building inspections different?

What does a building and pest inspection cover?

OK, so you have just purchased, or considering purchasing a property in a different state. This means that you have never physically seen the property yourself.

Nervous Yet?

We don’t blame you.

In 2021, insurance claims in Perth houses increased by an astonishing 122%, fuelled primarily by dodgy builders and poor workmanship. Parts of the building that you can’t see such as the concrete foundation, timber frame, wiring and plumbing are the most common to be defective in 2020.

We have personally seen a skyrocketing of defects in new house inspections in Perth that we perform. Builders have been hit hard with supply chain issues and huge increases in costs of materials such as timber. This has forced many builders to take shortcuts where it really matters, and Perth home buyers are really starting to feel the impacts of this.

So, what can you do about this if you are purchasing an investment property from interstate?

Well, let us explain what we have done here at WA Building Inspections.

Since noticing a huge increase in defects in the new house building inspections that we perform in Perth, and getting feedback from interstate buyers about what they would really like to see in a specialised report and inspection, we now offer specialised interstate house inspections in Perth for interstate buyers.

How are interstate house inspections different to local house inspections?

Firstly, we act as your eyes and ears on the ground. This means our service for interstate house inspections perth includes far more communication with you, the buyer. Have you ever received a Zoom video call from the inside of a roof cavity? Well, we do this every day with interstate buyers so we can really take the buyer through the property step by step DURING the actual inspection. Next, our report is far more detailed and has far more commentary and advice on current and potential defects that we find in the property. Our customers have commented that this gives them as extra bit of comfort because our report provides a future financial impact for the investor/buyer.

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Do Interstate House Inspections cost more?


No. Our interstate house inspections are exactly the same cost as our standard local inspections. For example, our Interstate Combined Comprehensive Pest & Building Inspection is $499 which includes:

  • Same day report
  • Fixed Price – Any Size Home
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Beat Guarantee

Put Your Investment & Your Family in Good Hands