Shocking Slab Shambles Uncovered: The Critical Eye of Concrete Slab Inspection
russell from wa building inspections perth
  • Exposing a Dodgy Builder: Russell found critical structural errors needing immediate attention.
  • Safety Risks: The site’s issues underscore the financial and safety dangers of not performing building stage inspections on new house builds.
  • Peace of Mind: A detailed stage inspection is essential for any homeowner’s security and investment.

Hey! Russell McCarthy here from WA Building Inspections Perth. I’m about to share a story that’ll give you a solid understanding of why a thorough ‘concrete slab inspection‘ is the backbone of any new house construction project. It was a regular sunny day in Maddington, Perth, but what I found under those rays was anything but ordinary.



The Concrete Truth

I’ve always said, “A concrete slab inspection is the most important stage inspection of all” And true to form, it was my guide as I navigated through what I initially thought would be a standard stage inspection. But here’s the kicker – the site was a mess. “The steel is still exposed,” I noted, my voice echoing the shock of finding such a glaring error.



When a Slab Inspection Turns Into a Forensic Investigation

You see, a ‘slab inspection’ is not just about ticking boxes. It’s a detective’s hunt for clues that tell you whether the job’s been done right by the builder and concretor. “This is a wet area,” I observed with a furrowed brow, “I do not know what happened on this job.” My gut told me this wasn’t going to be the only issue I’d find.



The Importance of the Slab Inspection Report

As I continued my investigation, I knew that every bit of evidence would make its way into a detailed ‘slab inspection report.’ Because it’s not just about identifying problems – it’s about documenting them so that the report can ensure the builder is forced to fix these defects before they’re buried under layers of construction, never to be seen and yet always to be felt – usually with your wallet later down the track.


Stage by Stage: Unearthing the Story of Two Slabs

A ‘slab stage inspection’ is crucial, but what I was looking at was a tale of two slabs – one cast separately from the other. “Look at this,” I pointed out, “This slab was cast at a different time to this slab.” It was clear as day that this wasn’t just poor planning; it was a failure in following the fundamental principles of construction. It’s clear we were about to add another builder to our dodgy builder list in Perth.


In Perth, We Do Things Right

And that’s where the local knowledge comes in. Conducting a ‘slab inspection in Perth means you’re up against the elements and the unique Australian standards that you need to be aware of. “Why would I get a building inspector for my new house contruction?” a potential client might ask. Well, this video is why: “because what you don’t see can hurt you, and what you don’t know can cost you – big time.”


The Takeaway: Why Every Slab Needs a Watchful Eye

By the end of my slab inspection, I was shaking my head in disbelief. “They just forgot to finish it,” I said, a line that still rings in my ears. What I saw was a textbook example of why every concrete slab, every foundation, needs a watchful eye and a steadfast commitment to quality, before paying the builder to continue to the next stage of the build.

Let’s not dance around it – a ‘slab foundation inspection’ isn’t just routine; it’s critical. It’s about making sure that the very ground you stand on is as solid as the Aussie spirit.



My Final Say: The Lesson We All Learn

So, what’s the takeaway from my day in Maddington? It’s that a concrete slab inspection is not something to skimp on. It’s an essential piece of the building puzzle, ensuring the safety and integrity of homes in Perth and beyond. Skip it at your own risk to your home and your wallet later down the track.




Why is a concrete slab inspection essential?

It’s simple – to ensure the structural integrity of your build. Without it, you’re gambling with the future of your home. Remember, if the concrete slab isnt perfect, your house is literally built on shaky foundations.


What should be included in a slab inspection checklist?

Everything from checking the reinforcement placement to verifying the slab dimensions and making sure the surface is level. Miss one point, and you could be facing serious structural issues down the track.


How often should slab inspections occur?

There is a pre slab inspection (before the concrete is poured) and a concrete slab inspection (after the concrete is poured and before any further construction work). It’s about prevention future problems that would be your problem to fix, not the builders. It’s about making sure the builder does a pefect job.


Why hire a professional for a slab foundation inspection?

Because professionals like us at WA Building Inspections Perth have the trained eye to spot issues you might miss. We’re talking about the foundation of your home – it’s worth the expert glance.


What makes Perth’s slab inspection requirements unique?

Perth’s combination of soil types and climate conditions means we have a unique set of challenges. That’s why local expertise matters.