Dodgy Builder Exposed in Practical Completion Inspection Debacle in Mandurah
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  • Construction Concerns: Mandurah’s final new construction inspection exposes serious construction issues, signaling a need for improved industry standards.

  • Homeowner Hardships: Substandard builds bring emotional and financial distress, emphasising the importance of accountable construction practices.

  • Stay Alert: Homebuyers should remain vigilant during construction to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure the quality of their homes.

If you’ve ever embarked on the journey of building your dream home in Perth or elsewhere, you understand the excitement and anticipation that come with the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). However, what happens when the builder falls short of expectations, leaving homeowners with a laundry list of defects? In this article, we delve into a recent incident in Mandurah, Perth, where a dodgy builder was once again exposed during the PCI process. Our lead inspector Russell McCarthy chronicled the practical completion inspection in the video above.



II. The Dodgy Builder Chronicles


A. Recap of Previous Dodgy Builders BUSTED

Perth has unfortunately become a hotspot for questionable construction practices which we busted previously, with numerous incidents staining the reputation of builders in the region. “It’s disheartening to see a trend of builders compromising quality,” says Russell McCarthy, founder of WA Building Inspections Perth.


B. Relevance of Location (Perth)

Mandurah, known for its stringent building codes, is an unexpected setting for recurring builder issues. “Even in areas with strict regulations like Mandurah, some builders take shortcuts,” adds McCarthy. We explore why this location continues to witness such incidents and how it impacts homeowners.


C. Impact on Homeowners

“Homeownership dreams turning into nightmares – it’s a heartbreaking reality,” laments McCarthy. We explore the emotional and financial toll on homeowners left with subpar constructions.



III. Practical Completion Inspection Process


A. Overview of the Inspection

The Practical Completion Inspection is the final hurdle before homeowners can officially claim their new abode. “It’s meant to be a joyous occasion, but sadly, many face disappointment,” notes McCarthy. We provide insights into the purpose and significance of this crucial step.


B. Builder’s Responsibilities

“What should be a thorough check often turns into a checklist exercise,” McCarthy remarks. We outline the key responsibilities builders should fulfil to ensure a smooth transition from construction to occupancy.


C. Homeowner’s Perspective

“A leaking shower, propped-up toilet – I’ve seen it all,” shares McCarthy. His video above shows a tale of shoddy workmanship, oversights, and blatant non-compliance during the PCI.



IV. The Recent Bust


A. Details of the Incident

Russell McCarthy’s video captures the essence of the recent bust during a Practical Completion Inspection in Mandurah. “From incomplete works to scratched door tracks, no corner was spared,” McCarthy highlights. We break down the specific defects, leaving no stone unturned.


B. Legal Implications for the Builder

“What consequences will this builder face? It’s not just about fixing defects; it’s about accountability,” McCarthy emphasises. We discuss the potential legal ramifications and how it serves as a wake-up call for the construction industry.


C. Potential Ramifications for Affected Homeowners

Beyond the builder, the fallout extends to the homeowners. “Their dreams were shattered, and we need to explore avenues for them to rebuild,” states McCarthy.



V. Signs of a Dodgy Builder


A. Red Flags During Construction

“How can homeowners identify warning signs before the PCI? Vigilance is key,” advises McCarthy. Our stage inspections at key points during a new construction document all defects, which force the builder to rectify them before it’s too late. This helps you avoid falling prey to a dodgy builder.



VI. Our Final Say

In a world where homeowners invest their life savings in building a home in Perth, the quality of construction should never be compromised. “Mandurah is a beautiful place; let’s ensure its homes reflect that beauty,” concludes McCarthy, urging for stricter oversight.




Q: How common are dodgy builders in Perth? A: Unfortunately, there have been recurring incidents, making it crucial for homeowners to be vigilant, such as this recent dodgy build we exposed in Alkimos Perth.


Q: Can legal action fully compensate affected homeowners? A: Legal avenues exist, but the emotional toll and inconvenience cannot always be quantified.


Q: Are there regulatory bodies overseeing builders in Perth? A: Yes, several regulatory bodies exist to monitor and regulate construction practices in Perth.


Q: What can homeowners do to protect themselves from dodgy builders? A: Thorough research, checking references, and engaging reputable construction building inspectors in Perth throughout the construction process can minimise risks.


Q: How can I access Russell McCarthy’s full video? A: For the complete video, visit WA Building Inspections Perth or follow the link provided in the article.