Why it’s crucial to have your building inspection done by registered builders
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We want to take a second to recognise that WA Building Inspections have been recognised on the “Best In Perth” list for Building Inspections.

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Having a building inspection conducted by registered builders is crucial for several important reasons. Here are some key points explaining the significance of hiring registered builders for building inspections especially in our lovely city of Perth:


1. Real Life Expertise and Knowledge

Registered builders possess the necessary expertise and knowledge in construction and building regulations. They have undergone professional training, gained practical experience in construction and are familiar with industry standards. Their expertise enables them to identify potential issues or defects in a building accurately.


2. Compliance with Regulations

Building inspections involve assessing the structure’s compliance with local building codes and regulations. Registered builders are well-versed in these regulations and can ensure that the building meets the necessary requirements. This helps in avoiding legal complications and ensures the safety of occupants.


3. Thorough Building Inspections Perth

Building Inspectors who are also Registered builders such as our own WA Building Inspections team, have an in-depth understanding of building systems, components & construction techniques. They know what to look for and can perform a comprehensive inspection of the property. They will assess the foundation, structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing, and other essential aspects to identify any existing or potential problems.


4. Professional Standards

Registered builders adhere to professional standards and a code of ethics. They are committed to providing accurate and unbiased assessments. This ensures that the inspection report is reliable and trustworthy. Their professionalism guarantees a thorough examination of the building without any conflict of interest. This carries through to our building inspections we perform, day in, day out.


5. Detailed Photo Reports

After conducting a building inspection, registered builders can providea more detailed report than your neighbourhood inspector who isn’t a builder. Why? Builders are experienced in outlining findings and generally in finding defects that normal inspectors would have missed. These reports are comprehensive, including photographs, descriptions, & recommendations for repairs or maintenance. The reports serve as essential documents for potential buyers, property owners, or investors, helping you make informed decisions about the property.


6. Peace of Mind

Engaging registered builders for building inspections provides peace of mind. Knowing that an experienced professional has thoroughly assessed the property and identified any issues gives confidence to prospective buyers or property owners. It simply helps you make informed decisions and avoids unexpected expenses or safety hazards down the line.

To sum up, your building inspection Perth costs the same regardless if you hire a inspector who is also a builder, so why settle for second best?

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