Roof Inspection Perth Exposes A New Build Nightmare in Cannington
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  • Critical Roofing Flaws: Russell McCarthy’s Cannington inspection revealed significant workmanship issues, underscoring the importance of thorough inspections
  • Legal Safeguarding: A detailed roof inspection report provides crucial legal protection against substandard work.
  • Inspection Quality is Key: Comprehensive roof inspections are essential to detect and prevent roofing issues in new homes.

In the world of new home construction in Perth, the final roof inspection is a critical step, one that can reveal devastating shortcuts and poor workmanship. A recent practical completion inspection in Cannington, conducted by Russell McCarthy, highlights a troubling example of what can go wrong when roof inspections are not taken seriously.


Essentials of Roof Inspections in New Builds

Roof inspections in new constructions, particularly in Perth, are not just a formality; they’re a necessity. They ensure that the roofing structure meets the required standards and is free from defects that could lead to future problems.



The Cannington Roofing Fiasco

During the final inspection of a new home in Cannington, McCarthy discovered what he described as the “worst roof I’ve come across.” This statement, alarming in its frankness, underlines the severity of issues often hidden beneath the surface in new builds.



Detecting Subpar Roofing in Perth

McCarthy’s keen eye during the roof inspection in Perth revealed numerous issues: misaligned valley boards, incorrect screw placements, and overall shoddy workmanship. These are red flags that all Perth residents should be aware of when assessing the quality of roofing in new constructions.



Choosing the Right Roof Inspector in Perth

Selecting a qualified roof inspector in Perth, especially for a new build, is paramount. Look for professionals with a track record of thorough, unbiased roof inspections. Googling terms like “roof inspector Perth” and “roof inspections Perth” can guide you to the right experts.



Navigating Legalities in New Home Roof Failures

Homeowners in Perth have legal rights when it comes to new home constructions. A detailed roof inspection report can be invaluable if legal action becomes necessary due to substandard roofing.



Preventive Strategies in Roof Cover Inspections Perth

To prevent roofing disasters in new builds, insist on regular and thorough roof cover inspections in Perth. These inspections are crucial in identifying issues early on, saving homeowners from future headaches and expenses.



Technological Advancements in Roofing Inspections

The use of advanced technology in roofing inspections can make a significant difference in identifying hidden defects. In Perth, this technology is becoming increasingly important in ensuring the quality of new home constructions. For example, our roof inspections include thermal camera imaging which we use fropm the interior and exterior of the roof to detect defects and water leaks and pests.



Cost Implications of Faulty Roofing in New Builds

The financial impact of poor roofing work can be substantial, especially when compared to the cost of a thorough inspection. Perth residents should consider this when planning their new home builds.



Our Final Say

This example in Cannington serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of diligent roof inspections in Perth’s new home constructions. Russell McCarthy’s findings lay bare the risks associated with neglecting this critical step, underscoring the need for homeowners to be vigilant and proactive in protecting their investments.




  1. How can I identify a dodgy roofing job in Perth?

    • Look for signs of poor workmanship such as misalignment, incorrect screw placement, and visible damage. Russell McCarthy’s findings in Cannington, such as “short sheets” and “holes everywhere,” are prime examples of what to watch out for.
  2. What qualifications should a good roof inspector in Perth have?

    • A competent roof inspector should have significant experience, relevant certifications, and a good reputation in the industry. They should be able to provide a thorough, unbiased inspection, similar to Russell McCarthy’s approach in Cannington.
  3. What legal steps can I take if I encounter substandard roofing work in a new build?

    • If you find substandard roofing work, you can seek legal recourse. This may involve lodging a complaint with the building commission or taking legal action. Having a detailed roof inspection report, like the one from the Cannington inspection, can support your case.
  4. How often should my roof be professionally inspected in Perth?

    • For new constructions, a roof should be inspected at practical completion and then regularly every few years, depending on the age and condition of the roof. Regular inspections can identify potential issues before they escalate.
  5. What technological advancements are there in roof inspections?

    • Recent advancements include the use of drones, thermal imaging, and moisture scanners. These technologies provide a more thorough and accurate assessment of the roof’s condition, helping to identify issues that might not be visible to the naked eye.