Reveal Hidden Property Secrets with Thermographic Inspections in Perth
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  • Discover hidden issues: Thermographic building inspections in Perth uncover hidden defects like electrical faults, plumbing leaks & poor insulation that go unnoticed, allowing for early detection and proactive measures.
  • Improve energy efficiency: By identifying areas of heat loss, insulation gaps & air leaks, thermographic testing helps improve energy efficiency, leading to long term cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Safeguard your property: Through the detection of moisture intrusion, leaks & potential safety hazards, thermographic inspections protect your property’s structural integrity, preventing what could be very costly damage and ensuring the safety of occupants.
Thermographic Inspections Perth

Our team of certified infrared thermographers brings you the power of advanced thermal imaging technology to provide accurate assessments and valuable insights for your residential and commercial building. We recently interviewed our head building inspector, builder and thermographer Russell McCarthy to get the low-down on thermographic testing.




Are you truly aware of what lies beneath the surface of your property? Unseen issues can wreak havoc on your investment, compromising its safety, efficiency & value. At WA Building Inspections, we offer professional thermographic building inspections in Perth, Australia, utilising cutting-edge technology (such as the FLIR E4 thermal camera) and expertise to reveal the hidden truths of your property.



Explanation of Thermographic Building Inspections:

Thermographic building inspections are a game-changer in property evaluation. By harnessing the power of thermal imaging (aka infrared imaging), our team of experienced thermographers in Perth can detect anomalies and thermal patterns that escape the naked eye. This non-invasive technique allows us to identify potential problems, even those lurking behind walls, floors or ceilings.



Key Benefits of Thermographic Building Inspections:


Early Detection of Hidden Issues:

Our thermographic inspections are your shield against unforeseen troubles. By detecting electrical faults, plumbing leaks, insulation deficiencies & other hidden defects at their early stages, we empower you to address these issues proactively, saving you from costly repairs down the road. This section that Russell explained to me with some stunning videos (down the page) reminded me of my own incident in an apartment I bought 7 years ago that I had to tear down an entire wall to detect a water leak. Why oh why didn’t I get a thermal inspection instead?


Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Is your property leaking energy and money? Our thermographic testing unveils energy inefficiencies by pinpointing areas of heat loss, insulation gaps & air leaks. Armed with these insights, you can take targeted measures to improve energy efficiency, leading to long-term cost savings – and who wouldn’t appreciate a few extra bucks in their pocket.


Prevention of Structural Problems:

Don’t let silent threats risk the structural integrity of your property. Our thermographic inspections are designed to reveal moisture intrusion, leaks & dampness that can silently deteriorate your building’s foundation and structural components. Early detection means prompt action, preventing mold growth, rot & potential damage. Again, this section reminds me of that damned apartment I bought 7 years ago. After tearing down the wall to infact confirm it was water damage, I had a $20,000 bill to repair the dotten timber structure. The builder tells me it had been leaking water from the balcony for 10 years or more. I can’t help but think every house should have a thermal inspection performed when they buy the property for quick peace of mind.


Improved Safety:

Put safety first with our thermographic inspections. Our trained thermographers identify overheating electrical components, potential fire hazards, and other safety risks that may go unnoticed by the naked eye. By addressing these concerns promptly, you safeguard the well-being of occupants, family, tenants etc and ensure a secure environment.



Our Competitive Advantage:

At WA Building Inspections Perth, we take pride in offering comprehensive and affordable thermographic building inspection services tailored to meet your needs.


How much does a thermal imaging inspection cost?

OurComprehensive Building & Pest Inspection with Thermographic Inspection costs $699 (including GST), provide the most comprehensive evaluation of your property. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every hidden issue is uncovered and documented, giving you peace of mind. Simply contact us now to book your thermal building inspection.


Thermal Inspections are included in our Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection with Thermographic Inspection:

Did you know that we perform thermographic testing in Perth as part of our special Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection with Thermographic Inspection? Setting us apart from the competition, we go the extra mile by including a less detailed thermal inspection at no additional cost with our standard pre-purchase building and pest inspection services in Perth. This added layer of protection detects potentially costly defects that remain invisible to ordinary inspections. Did you also know that most other building inspectors don’t do this? Consider what you’re actually seeing (or missing) the next time you book a building inspection report!



The Final Say:

Unlock peace of mind for your residential or commercial property with our professional thermographic building inspections in Perth. By harnessing the power of thermal imaging, we bring you a new level of clarity, enabling you to make informed decisions, protect your investment, and ensure the long-term well-being of your property. Contact WA Building Inspections Perth today to schedule your thermographic inspection and discover the hidden secrets within.

Now, checkout a recent video of a thermographic testing in Como, Perth where Russell was called in because the home owners kept noticing that mould and mushrooms (yes, seriously) were growing from their walls. What we uncovered was shocking.