See just how dodgy this builder got on this new Build Inspection Perth
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  • Dodgy Builder Uncovered: Russell McCarthy uncovers a house resting on plywood.
  • Prevent Costly Repairs: A New build inspection Perth identifies issues early, saving future expenses.
  • Local Expertise: Benefit from Russell McCarthy’s deep understanding of Midland’s unique building challenges.

G’day! I’m Russell McCarthy, the bloke who started WA Building Inspections Perth. I’m here to yarn about why it’s dead set important to have your new home in Midland and Perth-wide inspected before you move in. Check out the video below which is somehow funny and absolutely scary at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of moving into a new place, right? But before you pop the bubbly and throw a housewarming, it’s crucial to make sure your new digs are in top nick. Here in Midland, where new homes are popping up fast, getting a thorough new build home inspection is your best bet for dodging headaches later on.



Why Bother Inspecting a Brand New Home?

You might think, “She’ll be right, it’s new!” but trust me, even shiny new homes like the one in the video above in Midland can have their fair share of slip-ups. As I often say, “Even top-notch builders can miss a thing or two.” It’s not just about looks; we’re talking about making sure everything’s solid from the ground up. However, our report today of this builder clearly shows they didn’t just miss a thing or two; in fact they were probably missing a brain cell or three.



Typical Defects We Find in New Builds

When I’m out there inspecting new constructions, it’s pretty common to run into things like dodgy sealing, iffy drainage, or even a wobbly wall or two. Nipping these in the bud can save you a stack of cash and stress down the line.



A Closer Look at Todays New Build Inspection in Midland

I’ll let the video above do the talking. I take you through a new build inspection (brick inspection stage) I did right here in Midland. It’s a cracker for showing just how dodgy some builders can get and why you absolutely MUST get a new house inspected at several stages of the build. Check out more dodgy builders we uncovered in our blog.



Why Inspect a Brand New Build?

The perks of this are huge. Besides spotting issues straight away, you’ll get the lowdown on what the builder needs to rectify, so you don’t fork out the cost later. Knowing what’s what before you move in is a game-changer.



Local Know-how: Building Standards in Midland

Midland’s got its own set of building quirks thanks to the local geography and weather. It’s pretty important for us inspectors to know all these bits and bobs. That’s why all our Midland building inspectors live and breath in the Perth’s western suburbs and are all registered builders. We know all the shortcuts that builders take, so we know exactly what to look for.



Why I Reckon a New Build Inspection Perth is Worth It

Getting a new build inspection in Perth might seem like just another cost, but as I always say, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” This rings even truer for this house in the video in Midland. Imagine if we didn’t inspect it…The builder would have put the gyprock walls up, and the homeowber would have never been aware that their home was literally resting on a few pieces of plywood.



Case Study: The Importance of Bearing Value

In another recent video discussing beam bearing length, I show a beam in a garage that was just hanging there—not properly supported. It’s a classic example of what can go wrong if things aren’t done right. To understand what inspections you need, take a look at our construction inspection stories.




My Final Words

So, before you make your big move, getting a new build home inspection is your best shot at ensuring everything’s as it should be. It’s about peace of mind, knowing your new place in Midland is built solid and ready for all the memories you’ll make there. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, especially when it comes to your new home in Perth.



FAQs About New Build Inspections in Midland

  1. What exactly do you look for in a new build inspection Perth?

    • Depending on the building stage, we check everything from the ground up—foundations, structural integrity, plumbing, electrical systems, and the roof. Making sure it’s all spot on!
  2. How long does a new build inspection Perth take?

    • Usually, it takes a few hours, depending on the size of the house. We take our time to get it right.
  3. Can a new build inspection Perth save me money?

    • Absolutely! 100% of the time. It’s about catching issues early so you don’t end up forking out for big repairs later. Get the builder to rectify the defects, not you.
  4. Is an inspection necessary even if my builder is well-known?

    • Yep, it’s always a good idea. Even the best can miss something by mistake.
  5. How do I book an inspection with WA Building Inspections?

    • Just give us a bell or pop over to our contact page. We’re here to help get your house checked and sorted!
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