Roof Framing Inspection

Roof Framing Inspection

In Western Australia the common way to build a roof is by using a ‘conventional’ timber roof structure. It is a different type of construction to timber or steel roof trusses which are engineered and built in a factory.


A typical timber framed roof is built by a carpenter on site using material that require cutting on site and fitted in its correct position in accordance to best practice.

In modern engineering, there are additional requirements for tie-down that actually hold the roof down to the walls and other into the foundations of the property to prevent the roof blowing off in strong winds.


It is vital that this element of construction is not overlooked as it plays a huge role in how your home will perform in strong winds.


The standards for roof construction are set out in Australian Standard 1684.2 and for new homes there are usually engineering drawings that detail or accompany your plans on how the roof of your new home will be constructed and where those tie downs are relevant and required.


Our inspector will use these plans to inspect what has been constructed and the report will itemise any area that does not comply with AS 1684.2 and the engineering plans.