Don’t risk buying a new property in Beckenham without booking a Pre Purchase inspection with WA Building Inspections. We can complete your inspection and report within 48 hours.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WA Building Inspections

  1. Comprehensive and Detailed Inspection Services.  
    We don’t cut corners in our inspections and we spend the time across the entire property to look for all defects and problems.
  2. A Detailed Easy to Understand Report
    Our reports are organised and full of photographs to quickly explain our findings.
  3. We are Fast
    We are easy to book, fast to book in and we prepare our reports immediately after inspection to get them to you.
  4. We are exceptional Value
    We are consistently told by our clients that the quality of our service, reports and work is exceptionally clear, easy to understand and exceptional value for money.
  5. An Eye for Detail in All Areas
    I have a keen eye for detail and identifying flaws and poor workmanship in all types of buildings from my 20 plus years in the building industry.

Why Get a Pre Purchase Building Inspection Before You Put in Your Offer To Purchase

What are the benefits of paying for a pre-purchase building inspection? Not only do they let you know of any structural problems they let you know whether the property you’re thinking about buying is worth the asking price, or whether it’s worth buying at all.

By shining a light on a property’s shortcomings, they save people thousands of dollars. And, more importantly, they help keep you and your family safe.

Which is why its surprising how many people forget to book in pre-purchase building inspection, or, worse still, contemplate forgoing one for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars.

Here’s why a pre-purchase building inspection for your Beckenham home is absolutely essential.

What is included in a Pre Purchase Building inspection for your Beckenham home?

The Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection Beckenham makes use of a metric to compare the home being inspected to homes built in a similar method and of a similar age. As older home tend to have more issues present themselves during the Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection, we issue a detailed building report outlining room for room, area for area that has been inspected along with images and even video content. Our reports are customised for your property and will not be a standard report, after all how can it be? A home is completely unique and as such, should be treated that way.

  1. Structural elements relating to the ceilings
  2. Subfloors space (where accessible)
  3. Walls
  4. Structural steel lintels around the house
  5. Floors and subfloors
  6. Roof frame
  7. Roof exterior
  8. And retaining walls greater than 700mm high
  9. Smoke detectors and RCD’s (safety switches)
  10. Boundary fencing and retaining walls
  11. Doors and windows
  12. Electrical fittings, power points & light fittings
  13. Oven, rangehood, cooktop & airconditioning
  14. Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, vanity basins, baths, toilets, sinks & taps
  15. Kitchen, laundry & bathroom cabinets and benchtops
  16. Stairs
  17. Roofing, facia, gutters, downpipes, eaves, barges, vents & skylights
  18. Insulation and sarking
  19. Driveways & paths
  20. Surface water drainage

Pest and Termite Inspections Beckenham

Getting a termite and pest inspections are a must for every {suburb} homebuyer. Pest infestations are a massive risk to any building and should be taken seriously as the structural impact can be a safety risk to both the home owner and or the tenants living at the property. Often termites can wait in silence and won’t be detected to the naked eye until it is too late

What is actually included in a termite inspection for a Beckenham home?

  • A detailed report of the entire property highlighting any active or inactive termites.
  • Photographs will be taken of any active or inactive termites.
  • Provide details of any fungal decay and water damage.
  • Inspect for any European borer.
  • Report on any environmental factors including drainage and ventilation issues.
  • We will also highlight any problem areas that may be conducive to future termite attack.

Recently the Real Estate Institute of Australia drafted into every building sale, the requirement to have a pest inspection done, regardless of the age of the home, this is a welcomed move by REIWA and should assist many buyers to avoid costly purchases.

This service is also relevant for people not looking to sell, and to those who live in their property. Early detection can allow pest management specialists to eliminate active pests and also provide ways to stop further pest infestation and further costly damage to the property.

There are some other important tests and inspections that you should have conducted before you move or move someone into your Beckenham home.

Other Inspections that we offer:

Our unique approach to the way we perform inspections allows for helpful content such as methods of repair and even trade recommendations, we flag potential issues that may also arise inside a 12 month time line, we provide links to our cloud where you can download inspection images, 360 degree interactive images and even video content around your inspection, we supply a detailed clear and easy to understand reporting.

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