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Pre Purchase Timber and Pest Inspcetions



Pest Inspections Perth. There is just about more damage to homes by pests than storms at an estimated 1 BILLION dollars each and every year, yet we spend hundreds of dollars per year insuring ourselves for storm damage.



Pest inspections fortunately are easier to protect ourselves against if we get onto the issue as soon as possible – The good news is, you are here.



Termites are social insects that are ground inhabiting and live in colonies with several million individuals possibly present in a well-established colony.



Treating your property against this massive risk first requires professional timber pest inspection to be undertaken on the home, in most cases this is prior to buying a home.



Termite damage can be expensive to repair and it is best to ensure the home is termite free prior to settlement, at the very least, arrange a treatment to the home to ensure no further damage is caused.


After settlement, the owner is responsible for regular inspections of the property to identify possible termite activity. If termite nests are found, they should be destroyed by a qualified pest inspector, we arrange reminders for this to be done, so you can rest assured that once you have taken settlement, your pest worries are taken care of into the future.



Pest damage to the structural areas of a property can be reduced with the installation of Termite management systems. These systems are commonly physical barriers installed during construction of the property, however they cannot prevent the entry of termites but help to deter concealed entry points.



BCA Requirements


Termite management systems are to be installed, as required by the Building Code of Australia. They should always be maintained and compliant with the recommendations of the manufacturer along with AS 3660.2.  Australian standard AS 4349.3 is the only recognised standard for pre-purchase timber pest inspections.


In every West Australian residential building sale contract, a standard clause has now been added called the ‘Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection’.  This Clause applies to all standard Real Estate Institute of Western Australia contracts.



Master Building Inspectors only recommends businesses that can meet these requirements.

Please note that a Building Inspection report is different to a pest inspection report, although we perform them often in conjunction with each other.



A pre-purchase building report will identify any damage as a result of termites, but it won’t detail if termites or other timber destroying pests are present, it is therefore imperative to ensure you purchase both the Building Inspection and Pest Inspection so as to comply with the clauses applied in the contract of sale by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.



Pest Inspection Companies



Many building inspectors in Perth also conduct termite inspections. It is a reasonably straight forward approach to combine both Building and Pest and often has some benefiets, however, we do not believe that the treatment of and pested that we find should be taken lightly, treatment is serious and should only be done by a licenced and tickets pest agent.



WA Building Inspections refers most Pest treatments to Megatec Pest Control as they are the trusted brand in WA. 

The pest firms we use have been selected based on years of our exposure to other companies, and they have not just bubbled to the surface by being the best and on point, but they surpass customers’ expectations, they are professional, qualified, insured, experienced and extremely reliable.



The Process



Once a pre-purchase pest inspection is booked, we will liaise with the estate agent to arrange a suitable time for access. Generally, both the building & pest inspections are conducted at the same time to minimise inconvenience. 



The client details are then forwarded through to the pest firm who invoices WA Building Inspections who in turn invoice the customer on 1 invoice, for simplicity and clarity. We are not affiliated with Megatec as business partners nor do we have cross company shares that motivate us to use their services. Just historic trust.