Methamphetamine Testing (Meth Testing)Salter Point

This is fast becoming an area the government is focusing on, estimating that in 2021 all real estate companies will be forced to ensure all homes, sold or tenanted out, will require a meth test done. Meth contamination is invisible, has no smell, and is a very toxic. You may be astounded to know that a large threat to rental properties is not meth labs, it is meth users.

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    While meth residue is odourless and invisible, exposure can cause a wide range of health problems for the property’s occupants, including:

    • Respiratory problems – especially for those suffering from asthma
    • Headaches
    • Behaviour problems in young children
    • Sleep pattern changes in children
    • Increased susceptibility to illness
    • Eye and skin irritation

    You should always get rental property testes after a tenant moves to ensure the safety of your next tenant.


    There are some other important tests and inspections that you should have conducted before you move or move someone into your Salter Point home:

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    Our unique approach to the way we perform inspections allows for helpful content such as methods of repair and even trade recommendations, we flag potential issues that may also arise inside a 12 month time line, we provide links to our cloud where you can download inspection images, 360 degree interactive images and even video content around your inspection, we supply a detailed clear and easy to understand reporting.

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