Independent Practical Completion
Inspections (PCI)

Practical Completion Inspection PCI

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Practical Completion Inspection also known as (PCI) or handover inspection is an inspection of the building work done on your new home just prior to you taking possession of your property from the builder. The PCI is a reconciliation of the major construction items with a focus on the finish of key items in the construction.


Although we can offer staggered building inspections (Construction Progress Inspection) throughout the build such as Slab Down, Walls to Plate Height, Roof On, Lock Up and Waterproofing and finally a PCI, we are also able to come in at the end of the build only and do a final PCI only.


The PCI is not designed to replace the checks conducted during the various construction stage inspections, given time restrictions that often exist at many PCI’s and the fact that many of the constructed items are no longer visible at the PCI stage, the ability to check an item may be severely restricted or compromised, as such, although a PCI is a vital inspection, it is strongly recommended that cunsrturction progress inspection is considered for any build.


Non the less, we understand that things are not always perfect and that just a PCI is requested, that’s where the PCI report comes in and we are able to find defects, workmanship quality, allowable tolerances, and more.