Does your Building Inspector Perth have construction experience?
russell from wa building inspections perth

Does your Building Inspector Perth have construction experience?

Does your Building Inspector Perth have construction experience

Did you know that most building inspectors Perth have literally no building and construction experience?

It’s true!

Most independent building inspectors Perth have simply been trained by their supervisor on what to do and what not to do.

WA Building Inspections Perth holds ourselves and our independent building inspectors Perth to a different standard.

All of our building inspections perth are carried out by qualified, trained and experienced building and construction experts.

All our inspectors carry a Diploma of Building and Construction or higher, have had past construction supervising experience, have a trade background and have worked in the construction sector in a wide range of fields such as contracts, scheduling, estimating and of course as mentioned, supervising.

What does this all mean for your building inspection Perth

Well…just check out the video below where Russell, our lead building and inspector perth and director of WA Building Inspections uncovers some interesting defects related to repairs done due to undulating ceilings that would only be picked up by building inspectors who have true construction experience.

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