Dilapidation and Comparison Report Golden Bay

Dilapidation reports capture the visible structural condition of a property prior to nearby or neighbouring renovation works, construction or excavation being carried out, we perform the report to outline what structural report for the purpose of comparison at a later date.

The reports are carried out by experienced building inspectors and are generally of a visual nature only, with all fixtures and finishes remaining in place. The report records the current condition of the property including any existing damage, highlighting areas that are likely to be affected by nearby works. It typically includes notes, measurements, photographs and diagrams which give an accurate picture of the state of the building being inspected.

If there has been a change in the condition of the property during the works period and/or after the completion of the works you should contact us to re-inspect and document the extent of change that has occurred. This report is very useful should there be changes over the construction period and can save your thousands in the long run.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WA Building Inspections

  1. Comprehensive and Detailed Inspection Services.  
    We don’t cut corners in our inspections and we spend the time across the entire property to look for all defects and problems.
  2. A Detailed Easy to Understand Report
    Our reports are organised and full of photographs to quickly explain our findings.
  3. We are Fast
    We are easy to book, fast to book in and we prepare our reports immediately after inspection to get them to you.
  4. We are exceptional Value
    We are consistently told by our clients that the quality of our service, reports and work is exceptionally clear, easy to understand and exceptional value for money.
  5. An Eye for Detail in All Areas
    I have a keen eye for detail and identifying flaws and poor workmanship in all types of buildings from my 20 plus years in the building industry.

    There are some other important tests and inspections that you should have conducted before you move or move someone into your Golden Bay home.

    Other Inspections that we offer:

    Our unique approach to the way we perform inspections allows for helpful content such as methods of repair and even trade recommendations, we flag potential issues that may also arise inside a 12 month time line, we provide links to our cloud where you can download inspection images, 360 degree interactive images and even video content around your inspection, we supply a detailed clear and easy to understand reporting.

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