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Construction Progress Inspection

A Stage Inspection (or construction progress inspection) compares the work at each stage of the build with the design and engineering plans. By completing inspections during each stage of construction, issues and defects can be identified and resolved before it becomes too late and potentially costly.

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Stage Inspections Available

Stage 1 Inspection


  • A Pre Slab or Base Inspection occurs prior to the concrete being poured to create the base.

    We ensure that quality and following the building guidelines are followed as well as the following items:

    • Dimensions and excavation
    • Termite protection in place
    • Beams and footings
    • Wire mesh integrity
    • Construction materials

Stage 2 Inspection

  • A Frame Inspection takes place after the wall and roof frames have been completed and approved by the inspector.

    We ensure that quality and following the building guidelines are followed as well as the following items:

    • Wall/roof and truss frame
    • Frame spacing & bracing
    • Concrete slab finish
    • Window & door openings
    • Plumbing/drainage

Stage 3 Inspection

  • A Lock Up Inspection takes place after the doors and windows have been installed making the home secure.

    We ensure that quality and following the building guidelines are followed as well as the following items:

    • Fascia boards & gutters
    • All aspects of the brickwork
    • Roofing completion
    • Window & door locking devices
    • Wall linings & cornice

Stage 4 Inspection

  • A Handover Inspection takes place prior to the turnover of keys to the purchaser. This Inspection focuses on minor defects and ensures the quality of the construction by the builder.

    We ensure that quality and following the building guidelines are followed as well as the following items:

    • Running boards & cabinetry
    • Proper fitting of doors & windows
    • Pest barrier in place
    • Joints & tiles are flush and sealed
    • Ceiling, wall, and corner straightness
    • Overall construction quality
    • Potential safety hazards

Detailed Report with Photos

  • We issue a detailed stage report for each stage that you request along with images relevant to stage we inspect. Our reports are customised for your property and will not be a standard report, after all how can it be?

Each stage is treated independently as a separate report generated, this staged approach to construction inspections can save a huge amount of money and force builders to comply with NCC or National Construction Codes of Australia and put pressure on the builder to deliver a product fit for a paying and deserving customer.

A staged construction report is to identify bad workmanship as well as errors in the NCC application to the build, it is NOT an opportunity to pick on the builder, and if the builder is doing the right thing (we all hope they will) the report may come back with a set of images stating that inspection was carried out in a satisfactory manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform same-day inspections?

Yes. Our entire business model is focused on getting you the highest quality, detiled building and pest inspection reports within 24 hours. That’s the WA Building Inspection difference.

Why do I need a construction progress inspection (stage inspection)?

These construction progress inspections save you a huge amount of money and headache in the long-term because they  force builders to comply with Australian Standard construction framework and put pressure on the builder to deliver a product fit for a paying and deserving customer.

Without these stage reports, you will most definitely be left with a house build with hidden problems that could cost a fortune to resolve in the future.

What do you include in the report?

We document our finding, defects and commentary in plain-english. Our construction progress inspections also include comprehensive and full photo reports.

If your report finds defects, can i withdraw from the purchase contract?

All of our building and pest inspections are in accordance with Australian Standards which means they are recognised by solicitors and real estate agents. The evidence or proof which is enclosed in our reports can be used by you and your solicitor to assess whether the contract has certain conditions to enable you to rescind the contract.

How much does a construction progress inspection cost?

Based on 4×2 home, a Construction Progress Inspection costs $379 Including GST for each stage you would like us to inspect. Remember, we have a price beat guarantee!

Do I need to have an inspection for all 4 stages?

No. Although highly recommended for all 4 stages for your peace of mind and to save you money in the long run, you can choose exactly which stages you would like us to inspect and report on.

Is it cheaper to request more than 1 stage inspection at once?

Yes! Contact us with which stages you would like us to inspect at, and we provide you a discounted rate when combined.

Other Building Inspections

Defects and Liability Report

Our defects and liability report ensures the builder is liable for any defects uncovered. The builder is liable to remediate defects (at no cost to the client) uncovered during an inspection.

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Independent Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)

Practical Completion Inspection also known as (PCI) or handover inspection is an inspection of the building work done on your new home just prior to you taking possession of your property from the builder.

Dilapidation and Comparison Report

Dilapidation reports capture the visible structural condition of a property prior to nearby or neighbouring renovation works, construction or excavation being carried out.

Our Customers

“What I loved most was when Russell said “no such thing as a basic building inspection” he said “it’s comprehensive because it MUST be comprehensive” – His report was littered with maintenance items and pointed out some major safety issues with the house that we have certainly missed, we eventually purchased the home and the items rectified at the seller expense – 5 Stars Russ – Well done”
Lilly – Burns Beach, Perth

“Russell did an extremely detailed building and pest inspection on a property in Hillman we were looking to buy, the report highlighted some major defects and led to us being able to pull out of the contract, I used Russell again on another property and the report was just as detailed, he settled our concerns and we ended up buying the home, Russell has since been able to assist us with council approvals for upcoming renovations, costings and trades, he has demonstrated over and over that he will go the extra mile, we are not just a number, that he is with us for the long run. I could not recommend him enough.”
Mathew – Hillman, Perth

“Service far beyond just the report, working with the agent, the tenants who were in the home, collecting keys, dropping them off, the 45 minute consultation once the report was done and for no extra cost – money well spent, I felt satisfied I used an inspector as detailed as WA Building inspections.”
Sarah – Nedlands, Perth

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