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Combined Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection

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What You Get

Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection

  • Reporting Compliant with Australian Standard AS 4349.1–2007Pre-purchase inspections, to identify major structural defects as well as safety defects.
  • Additional photographed and detailed inspections of some more minor items as well as maintenance issues that could be cause for concern in due course.

Pest and Termite Inspection


  • Reporting Compliant with Australian standard AS 4349.3-2010 timber pest inspection, inspecting evidence of live pests, historic pest damage as well as conducive elements to pest infestation.


Detailed Report with Photos

  • We issue a detailed and customised report, broken down into easy to understand sub sections, each section containing the possible defects attached to the relevant image/s. The report subsections are identified in order of safety related issues, followed by possible major defects, followed by minor defects and maintenance, in some cases rapid meth testing results that can be performed on the property, and finished off with a comparative summary – It does not end there, once the report is sent, we include a consultation to ensure the buyer is made fully aware of the property inspected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform same-day inspections?

Yes. Our entire business model is focused on getting you the highest quality, detiled building and pest inspection reports within 24 hours. That’s the WA Building Inspection difference.

Why do I need a comprehensive BUILDING + PEST inspection?

Your contract obligations will include a building and pest inspection.

All Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspections are done in a fair and non-biased fashion. We are providing an objective assessment of the home and a detailed report of any faults so they can be attended to for the betterment of the building. It is for this reason that we offer our services to both the home buyer and the seller, for complete peace of mind.

It is vital that when investing in one of the most important purchases you will make, that the appropriate time is taken to ensure you are investing in a home that is sound of any structural risks, not to mention hidden or unseen risks that may come back to bite you later. As such, a CPBI or (Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building Inspection) is designed to save you money.

Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection is the highest level of building inspection that can offered in accordance to Australian guidelines set out under AS 4349.1–2007. This covers all items offered in the basic structural Pre Purchase Building Inspection, in addition to items within the interior of the building as well as detailed items in the roof space of your home.

An additional fee of $60 will apply to houses with a granny flat. Further fees may also apply if the house has more than 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. 

If you book a Pool Safety Inspection at the same time, the cost will be reduced to $49. Take advantage of this special offer if you are at all unsure about the barriers surrounding the pool.

What do you include in the report?

We document our finding, defects and commentary in plain-english. Our comprehensive building inspections also include comprehensive and full photo reports.

If your report finds defects, can i withdraw from the purchase contract?

All of our building and pest inspections are in accordance with Australian Standards which means they are recognised by solicitors and real estate agents. The evidence or proof which is enclosed in our reports can be used by you and your solicitor to assess whether the contract has certain conditions to enable you to rescind the contract.

How much is a COMBINED comprehensive building + PEST inspection?

Based on 4×2 home, a COMBINED Comprehensive Building, Pest and Termite Inspection costs $499 inc GST

Is it cheaper to combine the BUILDING inspection and the PEST inspection?

Yes! Our combined comprehensive pre purchase building + pest inspection is our most popular service and our best value.

Combine them and save almost 20% compared to if you ordered them separately.

For example, based on 4×2 home, a Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection costs $349 inc GST and a Pest and Termite Inspection costs $259 inc GST. So if ordered separately, you would pay $608.

In comparison, simply combine the exact same services in the same order and it costs you only $499.

That’s almost a 20% saving. not to mention the time and headache saving for you!

What is the difference between a COMPREHENSIVE building inspection and a BASIC building inspection?

Both are carried out according to Australian Standards.

However, our comprehensive pre purchase building inspections simply go one step further by inspecting and carefully assessing additional areas of the property that are normally not inspected by most inspectors.

Additional inspections include: roof cavity, building interior, electrical testing, plumbing inspections, appliance inspections and air conditioning inspections. These are often the areas that have defects that can be a major cause of concern.

Our comprehensive and basic building inspections both include full and complete photo reporting.

Other Building Inspections

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Basic Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Don’t need a comprehensive building inspection?

Our Basic Building Inspection is Perth’s most affordable pre purchase building inspection

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Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Perth’s most comprehensive Building Inspection. We uncover what the others don’t because we go where the others won’t including house interior and roof space of your home.

Pest and Termite Inspection

Looking for only a pest / termite inspection?

We are neurotic about assessing any prior or existing pest and/or termite damage so you know exactly where you stand.

Our Customers

“What I loved most was when Russell said “no such thing as a basic building inspection” he said “it’s comprehensive because it MUST be comprehensive” – His report was littered with maintenance items and pointed out some major safety issues with the house that we have certainly missed, we eventually purchased the home and the items rectified at the seller expense – 5 Stars Russ – Well done”
Lilly – Burns Beach, Perth

“Russell did an extremely detailed building and pest inspection on a property in Hillman we were looking to buy, the report highlighted some major defects and led to us being able to pull out of the contract, I used Russell again on another property and the report was just as detailed, he settled our concerns and we ended up buying the home, Russell has since been able to assist us with council approvals for upcoming renovations, costings and trades, he has demonstrated over and over that he will go the extra mile, we are not just a number, that he is with us for the long run. I could not recommend him enough.”
Mathew – Hillman, Perth

“Service far beyond just the report, working with the agent, the tenants who were in the home, collecting keys, dropping them off, the 45 minute consultation once the report was done and for no extra cost – money well spent, I felt satisfied I used an inspector as detailed as WA Building inspections.”
Sarah – Nedlands, Perth

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